My first Pred drawing

Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by GrayHuntress, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

  2. seeker347

    seeker347 Unblooded

    not bad man way better than what I could do good job.
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  3. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Good job!!! (y)
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  4. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Nice work!
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  5. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    Thanks fellow Pred fans. I appreciate you taking the time to look and leave a like or comment. There is no substitute for constructive evaluation or encouragement.
  6. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    I want to draw a female Pred that actually looks alien. What are your thoughts on what one would look like? The evolved lore that I've read has them larger and stronger than the males, live-bearing a single offspring at a time & breast-feeding them. All of that is pretty human, which is okay, but I'm wondering about other ideas.
  7. City90pet

    City90pet Hunter

    Beautiful high matriarch....
  8. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    Aw, shucks. Thanks.
  9. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    I notice he's not quite symmetrical, but who of us are?
  10. JungleHunter

    JungleHunter Unblooded

    sooooooo cool (y)
  11. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    Glad you like him. He looks rather like you. :)
  12. City90pet

    City90pet Hunter

    And....when are we going to get some more of Ro-gn high matriarch??? I'm having withdrawals from him
  13. GrayHuntress

    GrayHuntress Unblooded

    I dunno, my dear. Pretty busy learning to sketch right now and writing in another genre right now. But I do have a couple other stories floating around in the back of my brain.
  14. eXpOinT

    eXpOinT Unblooded

    I like it :) How long did you spend on that, And what materials where you using?

    If you want check out also mine:


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