My first suit

You're welcome. I like to help.

Not bad pics. Have any details on the suit? Such as how you did the armor and weapons.
I recognize the mask and bio as Rubies, which I'd recommend replacing when you get the $$$, but who'm I to talk? I'm still finishing upgrades on my batsuit for a parade next week.


Not too shabby for your first suit!!!

Not everyone can make their own AVP armor the firs time out. Great effort!!



As first attempts go, this is a good one. Well done and you are now allowed to feel a little smug! :) However Now it's time to start tweaking a few bits here and there. That's what takes even more time and a bit of cash never goes amiss either. :)


Indeed HP, the head is Rubie's. I did add better dreds made with automotive fuel line, makes it kinda heavy, thus new one in the works. I also added working LED's to the biohelm.

Otherwise, all of my armour is made with various athletic equipment which was then covered in "GreatStuff" insulating foam. I then sculpted back out with "my trusty Dremel". My blades and plasma caster are made from wood that I also sculpted with a dremel. The wrist bomb door is a doll house door. My necklace is real though, the skulls are coyote and fox, found while joke! My hands are werewolf hands w/ hair stripped off and repainted. And finally my feet are HighTec combat boots with more "GreatStuff" and sculpt w/ Dremel. My skin is "Plus size" tights, I'm a big guy/ 238lbs and 6'1", painted with fabric paint. Umm, I think that's it! Thanx for the critique, gentlemen. All of you here, were my inspiration, despite my lack of membership. Now, I feel I'm worthy to stand and be counted amoungst my Yautja brethren. Thanx again, to all!


Pretty nice costume you have there.
Things I'd improve on is the skin colouring. Looks a bit to plain to me. Also, a bit more detailing on the armour.


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Suit looks great for a 1st attempt. The cheapest mod you can make is to get an air brush, they are very easy to use. With the right shading that suit would look top notch. :)


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you should be proud of that work, for a first time it's not bad at all. your in the right place to tweak it up.



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In case anyone cares, it took me two (2) months to make the above suit!

And Thanx again for the critque! Reading the comments, I feel a little better! However, my newest
suit should be better. Thanx again, Later