My initial fast costume for Halloween and the news


Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel and I'm from Mexico City, living in Tijuana Baja California.

4 years ago or so I started my son's costume with a Rubies mask and some accessories made by the instructions that I found here. This was the result.
Well after that we got the opportunity of get a mask from Clay Williams, this thing is insane and after couple of years after I finally decided that we will complete the costume.
second1.jpg second.jpg

I do have the gloves also and this weapon also created by Mr. Williams.

This is how it looks combined with Rubies face-plate with some tweeks I did to it, I will make my own but at the moment it is what I have.

second2.jpg second3.jpg second5.jpg

I've just got a 3D printer and started designing the shoulders and the groin, I'm at the middle of modeling the plasma cannon and I'm excited, perhaps I will be able to have everything ready for Halloween 2018.

These are the shoulders I drew so far. they have pivots for easy assembly so they move freely with the arm. I will come back to show you how this moves forward.

shoulder1.jpg shoulder2.jpg shoulder3.jpg

Regards to all of you and thank you for sharing and spreading your enthusiasm.



Daniel nice work. I’m aiming for Halloween 2918 :lol: It’s amazing how much work goes into building these suits .Good luck
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Thanks guys... well yesterday I designed on Solidworks what will be the mechanism for the gauntlet blades, seems that will be work, couple of springs here and there and will be triggered with the hand using a cord.position 1.JPG position 3.JPG position 4.JPG position 5.JPG

I'm still working in the assembly of the 3D printer so I will come back with real pictures and if it works I will post the SolidWorks files or AutoCAD files in case anyone wants to use them.