My mask has arrived

Now to paint it. Going to get some supplies from my art shop. Few questions first though

:Which paint is best for painting latex

:Do you undercoat a raw mask?

:Is it best to paint tne Maniblles seperately?



you dont have to undercoat it. latex based paint is recomended you can use pax paint but has been know to crack and peal over time. if you put a latex paint down first then either a pax or inks can be used over it without to much problem as long as you seal it with perma wet.
I tried a little bit on an off cut of the raw and it doesn't crack when bent. That is a good sign because that was main worry. Is it best to apply the Perma wet/(Marvin medium in the u.k) to the mask per coat or when all the paint work is done. Sorry I'm new to this and you guys have been such a great help

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Acrylic paint will not crack of the get go. I will crack later after it has full dryed inside and out. Since your not planning on wearing it, it will work just fine. You can seal it with clear gloss acrylic if its only for display.

You should install the and paint the mandibles after you have painted the inter mouth of the mask.

I use FasKolor Paints from the hobbie store and they work really nice. I also like to use latex base for my base coat.
Just painted the base coat and inner mouth. The acrylics are really good and the guy at the store said they were latex friendly. I'll see what it looks like with the mandibles and then start on the mouth detail FUN FUN FUN