My new Bio

Well after a little time out in the wilderness concentrating on working on my skills in making prosthetic appliances and making a Boba Fett Helmet for a little fan film project a friend is planning. I've returned to making a few pred things. My skills sculpting have improved greatly over the last few months, and I've managed to knock up something reasonable in a couple of evenings work.

It's been worked on today too, and looks a lot smoother and I've tidied up a few issues that bugged me. Just waiting for the clay to stiffen up before it gets a final smoothing out with my sponges and maybe a good fine raking over and adding the connectors and targetter. I've gone for a P1 variant with this as once it's molded and glassed I'll be doing a few custom Bio's and this will provide and ideal base to work from.



It's been sculpted on an armature of the mask I sculpted, but off hand I'd say a good twenty plus inhces from brow tip to snout. It's now finished and ready to be molded> I'll most likely be doing a waste mold to do the first one and then sand and fill the glass copy out of that to produce a fine finish on it before putting any silicone near it. not bad for roughly 4 hours a night for three nights.
Patience is a virtue. I shall be posting pics of the whole enchelada when it's done and dusted, plus pics of a couple of other things too.


Looks like some very cool new stuff! You have been so busy lately. I loved your Fett helmet and the pred stuff is looking equally as impressive!
Thanks Mike, My Fett helmet is about to be molded just waiting on a delivery of some TinSil 70-25 plus thixo and accelarator and then it'll be molded up. I'll be ordering some metal filler for the resin it'll be cast in as I'm really tempted to do a cold cast of it. The Bio on the other hand should be molded before then though I've been tinkering around with it as it look far more of a P1 bi than the last pics. If I get a mo' I'll take a few more snaps and post them up. I may even cold cast up the Bio. But I'll be waste molding it soon and doing a cast of it in Gel coat with a mix of easy sand car body filler so it'll be easy to fill any little imperfections and sand back for a really nice finish.

There we go all done. The targetter and hose attatchment will be molded as seperate pieces and recieve a bit of further smoothing once cast up and the smoother pieces cast in silicone again to produce the final bits. The inner part of the targetter will then be sculpted to get a close tight fitting part. All in all it's not turned out too badly I think. Waste mold early next week and glassed next weekend then into the TinSil 70-25 for the fianl piece once it's been filled and sanded to a glassy finish.
Well this chap will have to wait for molding, as I've been looking at it and a few bits have been niggling me so later today I'll be re-tooling a few portions now that the clay has stiffened nicely. I will be re-vamping the targeter as that's bugging me again, and I have a few spare greeblies that Don Jarr sent me a loooong time ago to help with the old Gorilla Bio I made that will be incorporated into this one to give it a real P1 look.

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Oh ya now thats what I'm talking about. Where do you get your foam for that. That stuff looks nice and thick not like the cheap stuff you buy at walmart.
Scott I get my thick foam from a wholesaler it's called Plastazote it comes in large sheets, and is often used to make the foam inserts in camera cases and the like including flyfishing kits too. It's thermo formable too so like Fun foam you can vac form it to a degree. I use it when my fun foam is just too thin to be right for armour.

Like this old Anime style body armour I made a while back. It takes latex well and a few other flexible sealers too.....As I can make very convinving looking metal armour from it once the sealers and a few other things are done to it.