my new suit.......BIG RED

hi there guys and gals ! lance here from new zealand.a few weeks ago,i contacted dan & eric (who made my celtic AVP suit)
and asked them to make me a batman dead end style big red samurai suit.
they did,and five weeks later,i have my new are a coupla pix taken today in my front yard.....i hope you like them.
id like to thank dan & eric for making this incredible suit for me.
its fantastic,i love it !!!!!
rock on pred fans !!




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Synder did a great job on making the suit part for you Lance. Not a big fan of the the Big Red suit, but hell that looks sweet. Now all you need to make that suit more accurate is a set of gaunts like this.

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I'm with Scott on that, but man that suit looks good on you Lance! I'd almost venture to say that the suit is a younger, brighter representation of the character. The Snyders sure know how to make a suit, that's for sure.

Now all you need to make that suit more accurate is a set of gaunts like this.
I dunno, I almost like the look of the P2 gauntlets on there better than the P1's.

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Stay with the way you did your suit. Looks awesome. Makes it uniquely your own.

I get tired of seeing people copy. Thats why I like one of a kind items.

Keep it up.

Cary :)
thanks to everyone for your kind replies........
im also a member of the 501st (td-0745/tk-0745) and in the 501st,everything has to be as accurate as possible
(well,at least,thats what they try to attempt).....and im kinda tired of the whole accuracy thing to be honest.......

the thing that i like most about the predator fan base,and predator costuming is that each & every predator warrior is
(within the fictional universe of the predators) a unique individual.
each pred warrior can rightly be called a "one of a kind predator"......i truly enjoy working within a flexible enviroment such as the predator enviroment.
its a refreshing break for me after spending alot of my costuming time within the 501st ranks.
yes,i realise the gaunts could be a different style,and im aware that the gaunts i have are P2.
i also realise,that there should be a black hose running from my chest plate side,to the shoulder armor.
(but i dont care) !!
i love the fin design on the side of the P2 looks great in my opinion.
this suit is a pleasure to wear,and friends of mine who have seen it personally,are in awe of it.
it just looks so cool !!!!!
rock on pred fans !!


that's one bad ass suit you got bro!those pics are awsome too.the gaunts look just as good as the other P1's.good stuff man!


Lance you are the number one Pred in my book! You know I love Big Red and you wear it well buddy! Now we just gotta get you out here to Socal and take some pics in the Alley!
predhunter:yep,the dreads came with the suit.
i dunno what dans done to them,but they are great.they are thinner than my celtic dreads,and they flow really,really well.they feel better,are lighter,and sit better.
i think its an evoultion type thing (lol !!)
the more suits dan makes,the better he gets....and thats gotta be good for everybody !!
thanks for your comments mike.........BDE is my all time fave fan-film.i watch it usually a coupla times a week.
even after watching it a gazillion times,i still enjoy every moment of it.
sandy has made a film that is most certainly part of predator history (in my opinion)
when i wear the suit,i try to stand like a proud fear,no turning back,......just god-like predator goodness !!
im hoping to wear big red to the next con here in new zealand (wellington in april)


Cool suit!
I'm also a 501st member.
Click on my little link at the bottom of the page and you can see some of my costumes.