My P? Paint Up


Here is what I painted up yesterday evening when I got back in town. My fisrt time to paint a Predator mask so, be gentle fellas. What do yall think?






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Looks great, paint a few more and you will be a master. All all I think the mask has its own flare and looks like a winner. After the dreads are on I know it will bring it to life.


Thanks all. I look at these pics and I see where I can improve. The widows peak is off a bit, and a few of the spots blew out because off my old airbrush. Got a Iwata on the way so, we will give it a go on the Pirk Elder I got. Then, the BB P2 for my suit. Any suggestions for improvement welcome.


Awsome, i like what you've done! I to am planning on making scars, but my thought was to do them in a medium green color. since the predator blood is green. very nice can't wait to see it done... keep up the good work.


Wow awesome job on the mask , specially if this one is your first. I like the overall wetness of it did you use perma wet mixed with the paint to get that effect ?
Also like the scars nice touch. Keep it up!!! :)



Shot the permawet last. Took the advice from TMI and the huntorial from Tat2pro and went for it. Thinks for the advice fellas. You have to lay the permawet on heavy to get it to do its thing.


The widows peak is off a bit, and a few of the spots blew out because off my old airbrush.
Don't worry about being perfectly symetrical. Quite frankly, if you hadn't mentioned it (the widows peak off a bit), I probably wouldn't have noticed it, or at least not on the first look. I like symetry on things like armor but on spots, etc... they shouldn't be perfect. Look at a leopard, jaguar or tiger... Nothing symetrical about their camoflage. Completely random and unique. I like the mask a lot and as TMI said, the dreads will bring it completely to life. Very nice job on the scars as well.


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wow! I had never seen this post.
you have come a long way there Scott.
while that was a decent go for a first time, your paints now are amazing.