my predalien


Veteran Hunter
You did that with a fineliner? Thats kick ass. Someone get this man a scanner to get a high res version - plus it wouldn't be at an angle from the camera.

The facehugger mouth is a cool idea...looks just fantastic bro...
thank you all for the comments,

and i can't scan it because the paper is to big(65x55)
but i will post better pictures in the sun tomorrow.



Wow! That's a great design.

I really dig the multiple fingered mouth. That definately adds to the creepy/horror factor of the creature. I also like how the dredlocks are minimalized, and put towards the back of the head.

Very cool!!


Yautja Queen

That is just epic!!! I love the dark shading on its back and all the detail of the ribs and skin, real kick ass design!!