My Predator 2 STUNT BIO repaint (HCG)

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by kroenen77, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Hi are some pics of my work(the stand is not repainted but I will do it in the next days)´s the P2biomask from HCG ..hope you like it:

    before the repaint:


    Uploaded with




  2. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    I have no idea how close that is in terms of accuracy, but it looks AWESOME!!!!
  3. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Hunter

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to give this major props for an officially, "MO Better Look". I really, REALLY like the colors you chose and the execution is damn AWESOME!
  4. Dang, that looks spot on to me...dude that is sick! Really like the wear on the bio with the gold and small touches of blue.
  5. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Blooded

    That is SO impressive! The colors are EPIC That is a bio to certainly be proud of :)
  6. Anytime3

    Anytime3 Blooded

    :) WOW, is that amazing, great job.

    MEANGENE83 Hunter

    The way it shoulda been painted OFF THE ASSEMBLY LINE!!

    Very very nice paintjob.
  8. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    It´s a big honor for me,that the people on the best predatorboard like my work.Thanks a lot,guys.The base is in process. :)

    The base is not finished,but here little pic with the mask in my Predator collection...:wink1:...:

  9. Awsome Paint-job!
  10. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

  11. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Ok...I finished the base today...hope you like it:







    And under darker litghts,the mask has a great copper/gold-effect like the moviemasks:

  12. carpe noctem

    carpe noctem Blooded

    i have a P2 bio and it looks nothing like that , i guess i be tryibg to paint it better cause you bio is super bad ass , the details are amazing , looks really weathered down.. thanks for sharing that awesome bio !!!
  13. These was was my favorite paint-job on a P2 bio,
    before I saw your work.

    Very well done!

    Are you going to pimp it up?
    Like air-hoses, glowing behind the mesh, add a P2-cannon on the stand ...
  14. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Thanks a lot guys.
    I wanna update the mask with a better mesh.But what is the right one and where I can buy it?
    A screenacurate P2 canon would be fine,too.And I´m looking for the MR P2 spear.

    About your pic:The paintjob is not so bad,but I think the shape of the mask is not acurate.He used gold for the basecolor,right.Most people are thinking deep copper is the base.Wrong.The copper effekt comes with the colors over the gold.
    That is why the mask looks copper on some pics and more gold on others.It´s the light.


    And the second problem is,that Steven Hopkins used a lot of color filters and lighteffects to make the future LA more dusty and paler.
    And the promopics are made in a photostudio with no realistic lights.But the biggest problem is,that the Heromask was stolen in the 90s.
  15. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    I know I have already posted, but just going back and looking over some original pics and looking at the original paint on the replica vs what you did and all I can say again is WOW. Amazing stuff. That really is one of the best if not THE VERY best paintjob I have seen on one of these helmets! I really love your weathering techniques. Just very natural looking. Congrats.
  16. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    What a big compliment,because I know here are some very talented artists. Thanks again.
    The secret for natural weathering is the combination of different techniques and a good eye for "natural chaos".
  17. predator alien

    predator alien Unblooded

  18. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

  19. Canalien

    Canalien Blooded

    Great Detail Awesome Job Hunter!
  20. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Thanks a lot!
  21. AVPfan7662

    AVPfan7662 Blooded

    Very nice...Yeah I have an Hcg too....also repainted, and what also bothered me about that helmet for $300-$400 it
    should have been full scale.....
  22. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Great...let´s see your repainted HCG-Mask.
    And the HCG P2 helmet is full scale...its the stuntmask not the hero version.The hero was stolen in the HCG only had the stunt for the copy.
  23. Usurper

    Usurper Veteran Hunter

  24. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Oh,sorry..wrong section. (y)
  25. KingViper

    KingViper Unblooded

    Badass man!

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