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    An impromptu pic from last weekend. I am wrapping up the shin and foot guards. This is all out of 1/4" sealed foam. Works great as it will not melt when fiberglass resin is directly applied. Learned that trick about 2/3 of the way through.

    I'll forgo armor on the other shoulder and instead use some sort of sling to hold the combispear.

    Box on the waist is a sound board setup that plays many sounds via 7 momentary push buttons in sequential fashion. All adafruit parts. fx sound board 16 meg can hold a lot of wav/ogg files. I was advised that the sounds and costume will probably be a little on the scary side.

    For this years fan boy I will settle on a static plasma caster. Next year I will look at an animatronic one as the electronics and canon casting will take a substantial amount of work.

    I was thinking of adding a couple of faux skulls and write on one least favorite politician and the other your favorite politician as the humor may add to the costume or not, keeping out names will help fuel the on lookers imagination. If I am the joker I have to fit a joke in this costume some where...

    I have sourced a fixed collapsed combo spear off that came out of thailand and I need to paint it. I did this due to lack of sufficient time for the costume build and money as well.

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    Looks good! :D Hope to see more!!!
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    Yes, please, more photos.
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    Leg and foot pieces done. Just have to sand and seal and paint. I heat and pressure formed the pieces and the shape appears to be stable. i'll latch with velcro I suppose. IMG_0017.JPG
  5. ksj

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    OK, Just ordered my skin suit. I will note that I have a huge focus on:
    a) comfort
    b) functionality
    c) form
    d) ability to enter and exit suit with ease
    e) comfort and breathing ability (minimizes potential for heat stroke)

    Predator Bodysuit Costume (male or female patterns!)

    With the lycra material in that product and the crotch zipper, which I consider very important for those much needed bathroom breaks

    It took me many, many tries and hours to find a suit that might fit my needs, but, this is one I think will work for me. I will gladly report back with a quality report on the unit and how it fits with the costume.
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    One thing that goes with being a Predator isn't comfort. Its a bulky costume with a heavy head. The Lycra suit will be leaps and bounds more comfortable than a ful body latex suit but when your beside a full latex predator in your Lycra suit the difference in appearance will be very noticeable. I get the desire for comfort and functionality and that's your choice to make. For me it comes to having a character that is as close to screen accurate in appearance as being the most important focus.

    Anyways good luck on your build!
  7. ksj

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    A agree with your sentiment. The other factor is that I am a little on the built side to start with. Next year I will be working on a decidedly more screen accurate costume.

    I am not happy with the gauntlets and chest piece, but I will have to work on that next year.
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    Doing final prep before painting. Next will be the colonial marine armor...

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    IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0070.JPG IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0072.JPG
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    First full on fitting. Will replace paracord with leather for securing some pieces. Messed up on the one gauntlet but I'll run with it. Will have to work on shoe pieces. Not happy with chest piece or gauntlets, will work on more accurate replacements next year.
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    :) I would recommend using some of the pepakura files which are available on site there are some for AVP armor too which could be beneficial to you LORD NEMESIS has done his build almost entirely out of Pepakura I would recommend checking his thread out it may give you ideas. Nonetheless, good job so far :)
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    Yeah, well, I kind of discovered Peppakura as I neared completion on things. Due to time factors and lack of a PC running windows at home, and the fact that I could not get the 2 gig downloads needed for the work around fix for Apple to install properly, peppakura was kind of out as an option this go around.

    The box on the front has 8 buttons (1 power, 7 sound effects) each sound effect button plays a minimum of 1 or 2 sounds and 1 plays 4 different sound tracks including one from team headkick ( ) I thought the team headkick track was fairly funny.
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    OK, reading through the forum it seems appropriate to list materials used:
    1/4" sealed foam
    parachute cord or leather cord
    rubber cement
    straight fiberglass resin (1 gallon jug)
    gross of small brushes on
    valspar metallic paint
    #40 and #80 orbital sander pads
    dremel sanding drum
    dremel cutting wheel
    predators hunter mask (the 3 month time it would take me to build one would not fit with my timeline for readiness)
    small picture frame hinge and screws
    UVY washers from lowes. (these spread the pressure out evenly so things can be affixed.
    1/4" screw rivets from (these exceeded quality of any found locally)
    2" black polypropylene wagging ( is local distributor here, knoxville foam and fabric(Website) is where I got mine)
    2" snap buckle
    for netting I use a women's fishnet body stocking.
    2 plastic skulls off amazon I will paint with "favorite politician" and other with "least favorite politician" (I am keeping it generic so that liberals and conservatives and everyone else in between can enjoy the joke as the mind makes the imagery and humor) With a handle of Knoxvilles_Joker I have to keep it funny in a wrong sort of way...

    As far as templates go I printed ones off of the template thread after digging, and digging, and digging to find the images, and refine the images again for the waist pieces. (I kept loosing the print outs) I got the print outs and then guessed on how to cut when sizing up.

    For the leg pieces to maintain shape I glued vertical pieces and used wood clamps with a couple of boards to help glue and pressure form the leg pieces.

    Initially I was using straight wood glue to seal the foam. I eventually discovered with the foam product I was using fiberglass resin could be straight applied with no issues. I used the eye on the stove to do some quick heat forming (what else can you do without a heat gun, but adapt.) This foam takes a step out of the prep process.

    My first attempt at a gauntlet was too small and ended up being just big enough for my wife's forearm for a nice wonder woman bracer. The resin and paint coatings decrease the internal size a certain amount and the costume skin adds a certain size to your arms

    Other than a few pieces I was able to get everything locally.
  14. Jmen

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    Also for good result you should watch "The Flash" in progress of your work. :p
    Thank you for information - for beginners it would be very useful. (y)
  15. ksj

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    Which "The Flash" are you referring to? simple search resuts did not come up with anything that stuck out.

    Now if you want to make your own motion tracker, I have a thread here that has a fairly detailed write up:
    The Aliens Legacy • View topic - Make your own functional motion tracker
    Credits to Ian Bremner for his code base and creation.

    I only desire to make things easier and more friendly to new comers to the craft and hobby.
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  17. ksj

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    OK due to heat issues I modified the mask slightly. The fan is powered by an 8xAA (12 Volt) battery holder from adafruit and a 12 volt DC fan from a computer. The hoses are 3/4 inch radiator hoses ( I wanted 1 inch but had to settle for that.) The silver is duct tape. They are piped in through three of the hair tendrils. I'll paint the hose red for a section then black. I will get some flashing and form a box for the fan to mount to the belt. I will make it black like the sound box. I was hoping to use thin plastic tubing, but, the hose poses other issues with trying to introduce any cooling into the mix. With the routing and painting it would look like an adapted version of the two front air lines in the movie mask, but in the back. I would have to hang an ice pack off of the back near the inlet to force cooled air into the hoses cooling the helmet further. I am doing this step to see what other options I can come up with cooling that may or may not have been tried. For those in latex sweat suits, I am thinking of some other cooling options to help with the over heating factor, I am trying to figure out a way to make the suit livable for all day use in role in 80 degree weather. 20 dollars and change for this hack.

    For the smoke effect you would have to have a time release or controlled release smoke material. Titanium dioxide would give the white color but that is not something you want to inhale. Straight oxygen in its cold form would have the movie like effect but going that route will add a lot of weight.

    The route I went is the closest I could cheaply come to approximate the air supply the predator has. The mask in the mythos of the story arc indicates super miniaturized either oxygen concentrators to concentrate local trace amounts of oxygen or whatever the predator breathes in to supply clean air. Without having the fully comic story arc in my possession as of yet I can only stab guesses at some things. We have scuba technology now that monitors CO2 levels and adds oxygen as needed, but that has not gone mainstream as of yet. The super miniaturized version of that is what you see in star wars episode 1 and the batman episodes where batman ends up having to go under water briefly. I am also assuming that the air the Yautja breathes is 100% filtered as they are a combat based species and as such there would be an air gather mechanism somewhere. The acid of the Xenomorphs and the smell from nests would mandate a filtered air supply as acid droplets are just as deadly if inhaled. And if the Yautja has multiple species, and they war with each other sneaky gas based attacks to catch the opponent unmasked would be possible but very dishonorable an act for them. Theory would dictate we are not the first species that they have encountered and they adapted to encounter any hostile environment. Saying all that my attempt could be thought of as a primitive unit cobbled from local parts as the original unit broke.

    For the shirt adapted motorcycle technology would work here:
    Cotton Cool Shirt, Black, Short Sleeve - Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
    For the mask you would need over the shoulder cooling tech so you can route through the back of the neck and down to a waist mounted unit. This tech is a variation of what nasa uses to temperature control the astronauts in their space suits. And is actually mentions in some detail in the robo tech novel series.

    I am having issues trying to get the gloves to have tips like in the movie. I am debating just forming with resin and then sanding to the needed tip as that would be a quicker process. Alternately I could just face paint the hands with yellow and black face paint but rub off is a concern there. I'll post pics of that once done. I am going for cheap on the wrap up of the tail end of this build out and will start on a pepakura build later.

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    Final fitting. And Yautja versus Toothless, who would win?

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