My Small Predator 1 head sculpt



Hi guys here's is my P1 head study trying to get it right but some might think the predator is easy but hell no hehe not the first few times sorry for the crappy pics have no digital camera yet.

Just wanted to show the members my work its been years that I haven't sculpted anything at all. its a 5 pound block of van aken clay that I got locally and a dvd spindle for the base lol

For some reason I'm having so many problems trying to make the bumps around the head trying to figure out how many they are and shape but for some odd reason its giving me a artist block!

This sculpt will change a lot since I will be redoing it over and over till its the P1 that stan winston studios made then I can work on a bigger 1:1 scale mask bust after I have learned the predators face well thanks too carl for the side pics of the db P1 mask he posted a few weeks ago.

If anyone has more more very up close P1 head pics for reference that would be great have a lot but that lighting is hard to see some of the detail thanks guys.






Not a bad start!! So, the head is about 8'' tall?
It's always good to start small and then work you way up as you learn more techniques.



hi David yeah its about 8" inch tall and about 5 inches the quality of the photos suck bad! lol that's what u get for doing it with a web-cam!

Need too at least rent a digital camera at my local rent a centre Ill keep everyone posted it on the progress might even just redo the whole thing over till the shape is good. thanks for the comments David