MY two batman costumes

I have some good pics of my two batsuits, if anyone is interested.
The first is my Alex Ross/Deadend, comic style costume. The mask for both is a sonar from “Forever.†Gloves and belt are retail “Begins,†the cape is a generic rubies vampire with the collar removed. The boots are (more or less) “mud-waders.â€
The shirt is a gray, long sleeved shirt with a black fabric bat sewn on, pants are gray sweats, and trunks are “Hanes†fly-less boxer-briefs with the legs turned under.
Now, on to the images:

This is the closest I could get to a publicity pose with the cape looking good.

The only full-frontal shot that looks decent

This is my 1989-ish batsuit. The pants are black sweats, the shirt is a second cousin to underarmor, and the chest was a vacuformed chest labeled as “strong-man†with an emblem cut from foamies. I have a better one coming as we speak.

Cape closed, notice that I'm NOT smiling:

cape open, showing the way the chest sits on me:

Having a little fun with the pics:


One of these days, I'm going to get a full '89 suit and a better spandex one for my comic-style. Until then, these will work just as good.
Lemme know what you think,
Hunter's Prey


Not bad! Not bad at all. :) As with all costumes those improvements keep on coming, as soon as time and money allow.
Thanks guys.
I did a free comic day gig with the DE suit. Hopefully I will be in my local 4th of July parade in one of these. I'm letting the commitee choose, so I won't know until later in the week.

If you follow the link in my sig and look for a member named Batguano, you will find some amazing belts and emblems of the 1989 and the 1992 variety. That is where I'm getting mine.

Funny question: Does anyone else see wierd script around some words in the first post? They were supposed to be quotation marks, but it looks almost Japanese.


A fat guy in a batman costume eh? :) Who`s ridin your missus? In saying that, it`s a change from the geeky toy collecting mentality that some of the other weirdos on here have. No surprises that some of your wifes are getting ransacked by other guys while you obsess over some ` cartoon character`. Getting hints and tips for a fancy dress party is one thing but devoting your life to it is, well, sad really.
Anyway, good luck with the costume. :)
Um, Mcbungie, I'm only 17. Don't have a wife or even a girlfriend.....this always scares them off.

Oh, and since you mentioned it, I collect toys, too. Have an original Jetfire with the variant "macross" wing symbol. As-is its worth around $300, maybe $250.


Costuming is about having fun and living the dream or that emotion we all felt as kids when we saw our favorite character or hero on the big screen, TV or in comic books. Dont let anyone discourage you from this. We all started somewhere and as time goes on, talents increase and the ability to upgrade makes itself available then we all naturally gravitate to more and more.
In the meantime just do you thing. :) Have fun and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

If I listened to some of the discouraging comments I used to get back in the '80s then I wouldnt be doing what I do today.
We all started somewhere....none of us just woke up and had the best costume out there right off the bat. Hard work and passion is what it takes and it looks to me like you're off to a great start!


Remember..."as children we dreamed..."

Thank you, David.
so far I've had three friends, several relatives, and a guy at a costume store tell me to forget about all of this and do something good. I always tell them the same: I won't judge you if you don't judge me. They all scoff and say "whatever," but my point gets across.

I will never stop costuming unless an emergency of grave nature arises, so be on the lookout for my stuff in the future.