Mysteria or Frontier?

Hi everybody.

I am in need of a bio-helmet for my suit, but i cant decide if Mysteria is a good choice, or if i Should go with Frontier Model's choices. I heard that Mysteria's helmets are a little small, but im pretty small myself so maybe that will be fine, but Frontier has a wider selection. I also would like to know how responsive they are to customers(i dont want to get ripped off or get a crappy cast). Any help on this subject will help me and future suit builders. Thank You!


mysteria is great... if you get the AVP scar bio. nothing against the others, just they're too small to fit on a mask.


I'm thinking the UK bios actually may fit my "Ancient One" Elder mask. It runs a little smaller than the 1:1 masks at 19" from mandible joint to crown.(For the more "compact" hunter)