Narin's Aboriginal - finished (former WIP)

Discussion in 'Predator Models, Statues and Figures' started by M77, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Working on Narin's Aboriginal, this kit is great quality and a lot of fun to paint. I'll try to upload some more pics as I go along. Might take a while before I'm done though.

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  2. Spikepredatorv

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  3. Vyrstolf

    Vyrstolf Blooded

    Dude that's wicked
  4. monkey5150

    monkey5150 Blooded

    coming out great, cant wait to see the rest
  5. michael2

    michael2 Blooded

    Looks very good so far.
  6. Tom V

    Tom V Unblooded

  7. M77

    M77 Hunter

    A little update after about a month's work. The basic skintone is now finished. If you've ever wondered what a predator / my little pony crossbreed would look like, take a look at the first pic :confused:
    The paint scheme started out a bit weird, but it has resulted in a very pale skin tone (the Albinoriginal?) with some very subtle blue/green and pink/purple undertones shining through (a bit hard to see the details in the photos). His tan will be improved when I'll add a brown oil glaze later on in the process, bringing out the great skin detail that Narin sculpted and balancing out the shading. Just need to seal up the paint job so far and then I can start applying the skin patterns. I've gotten inspiration from a species of poison dart frog, I'll be back in a while to show how that turns out. :D




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  8. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Your paint ups are just phenomenal :D can't wait to see it finished!
  9. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Thanks man! The upcoming stage is the most nerve wrecking, don't want to mess up all the work I already put in, but also the most fun to do if the result is as intended.
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  10. monkey5150

    monkey5150 Blooded

    absolutely insane, what a great series of base colors, how did you ever think them up?????
  11. M77

    M77 Hunter

    It came to me in a dream... :lol:
    I've been studying photo's of other people's paint ups, especially Joe Dunaway's ( You can see all kinds of blues, greens, pinks etc. underneath the skin, which gives a great sense of depth and translucency. This is my attempt to do something similar. I've tried adding coloured accents before in previous model kits, but then added these later on, on top of the skin, which always looked horrible; much too prominent.
  12. Erwin

    Erwin Blooded

    That's the way to do it. Great work
  13. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Haven't finished the patterns yet, just the torso and arms, but wanted to share my bold colour choice... :) Inspired by the incredible Hell breed paint up Justin recently shared, I've decided to go for a less traditional colour scheme. The skin colours will be dulled down a bit with an orange brown glaze later on, so this isn't the final look.


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  14. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    This is probably the most interesting project I've seen in weeks.
  15. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Thanks! I think it's still second to a certain break dancing predator I recently saw :D
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  16. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    ;) me and my shenanigans. That's what I do at cons. I want to see more progress on this Pred! I get insanely bored looking at vast threads (I think I have almost seen/read them all. I only hope more interesting threads are created so I can go 'WOW'
  17. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Haha! I pick up that gauntlet, sir!
  18. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Slow and steady wins the race; skin patterns are finished.
    The croc skin armour is next. Gradually getting there!


  19. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    no words... its a kind of magic (click-click) (y)
  20. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Stellar work man!!!! This thing is out of this world ;)
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  21. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Like Jmen and Nic said...Stellar Magic M77!!! Can't wait to see this finished!
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  22. Justin

    Justin Blooded

    Oh, man... That thing looks awesome! I hate painting dot patterns, but the effect here is just as, if not more, eye catching than most dot patterns I've seen. And that orange POPS like crazy. It looks awesome, man! Can't wait to see more of it.
  23. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Thanks guys! It actually turned into a kind of concept paint job. I wanted to do something with the aboriginal theme (as if the giant boomerang wasn't enough), but smearing on white body paint didn't feel like the way to go (on the pred figure I mean). So eventually I opted for a colour scheme consisting of the four main colours used in traditional aboriginal art: white (the clouds), black (the aboriginal people), yellow (the sun) and red (the red earth), also found, except for white, in the aboriginal flag.
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  24. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Just a tiny update after 2,5 hours of masking and an hour of air brushing. Basic colours for the croc skin armour are finished, now these need a clear coat and a wash, then another clear coat. Then, towards the end of the whole project, an oil glaze to finish it off.

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  25. BENSIN

    BENSIN Hunter

    I wish I had this kind of talent, looks very promising, keep us posted.

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