Narin's Vile Guyver - finished (former WIP)

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    Finally I have a new project on my work bench, not a pred this time, but Narin's Vile Guyver, a very nice kit and soon to be companion to the Failed Guyver kit I painted about 10 years ago. After some gap filling, sanding, priming, sanding, priming etc., I have started on the actual paint job. Since I started about a week ago, it's been going quite quickly. The pics give a general impression of the steps I took, but in reality it's been numerous steps back and forth, especially with the dark blue (prussian blue) and the white, to get a pattern that I was content with. The feeling I was going for for the 'skin' colour was something between electric sparks and the pattern created by light breaking underwater. Still some work to do, but I think it's coming along nicely. Hope you like it.








    Between these two pics, there's a lot of going back and forth with blue and white, to create the 'skin' pattern.


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    I heard lots of bad things about this kit having way too many air bubbles. But yours looks great! Well done and keep it up.
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    My kit didn't have an issue with air bubbles, just a few small ones. The gaps between the arms and the body were a bit of work though; they were quite wide and in full view, so they had to be perfectly filled, sanded, etc. Also the legs weren't perfectly alligned when I'd glued them, so the back leg hovered in mid air and I had to sculpt an elevation on the base, for the foot to touch the ground. Probably could have been avoided if I'd paid better attention.
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    I'm soo excited!!!!!! :D
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    It's been a while, haven't been very active on the forum lately (sorry!), but I do have some progress on the Vile Guyver for those who are interested! I've tackled the Guyver's 'fleshy' bits underneath the armour. It's taken a bit of patience and many layers of colour to get to something I'm satisfied with. I wanted these parts to appear fleshy and raw, as the process of becoming the Guyver - for those who've watched the anime - seems quite invasive and painful.

    First pic, I filled in all the 'soft tissue' with white with a brush, then air brushed a pinky flesh, then magenta. Second pic, added purple and dark red. Third pic, dry brushed with white oil paint and added some light orange. Fourth pic is the same as the third, just the back.

    I've advanced quite a bit already. First thing I have planned next is to give the entire kit a coat of prussian blue oil paint, really working it into all cracks and creases, then wipe that off with a cloth as much as possible. This is a bit scary to do, but it will blend all colours together and will produce really nice deep shadows. After that it's just the eyes, the control medals, and the severed head and spine left to do!

    20170521_170613.jpg 20170526_182547.jpg 20170605_175515.jpg 20170605_175541.jpg
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    Absolutely incredible work on the fleshy tones!!! Can't wait to see more :D
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    Lovely, i got to see these pics again i almost forgot you were doing a guyver

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    That's class mate. (y)
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    Superb, as always M!!!! :D
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    Hi everyone, haven't been active here for a while, but haven't been sitting still completely.
    Finished this kit some time ago already, but didn't get around to taking some pics yet.
    So without further ado...






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    Love it! well done
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    Phenomenal!!! :eek::eek::eek:

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