NECA 1/4 Predator open mouth repainted

Discussion in 'Predator Models, Statues and Figures' started by mangrasshopper, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. mangrasshopper

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    HI Guys,
    Here is a slight repaint of the huge NECA pred.
    This thing is great right outta the box....but I wanted to add a bit more to it.
    More pics on my site soon.

    I love this figure and I pray that NECA will release the Predator 2 in this can dream!!!
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  2. uruk

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    this is...

    i can't believe my eyes. man, it's ALIVE. a true piece of art.
  3. zuckuss77

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    [quote name='Ha'Khann' post='296563' date='Jun 9 2011, 08:27 AM']this is...

    i can't believe my eyes. man, it's ALIVE. a true piece of art.[/quote]
    Totally agree , with that paint up it shows how great the sculpt is!!!Are there quills add?Ive got the helmeted predator so i didnt know.Great paint up though, wow best one yet in my book.
  4. Skullsplitter

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    Them quills!

    How did you do that?
  5. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

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    haha, I like that - "slight repaint" HAHA! Beautiful work Joe...just stellar...
  6. berserk wolf

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    I want Neca to make Pussyface, Scar, Wolf, and Berserker in this scale!!!
  7. Guan Thwei

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    I was about to ask the same thing and if there were made out of the same material as the dreads?
  8. uruk

    uruk Blooded

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    i really hope they'll go for an 18inch P2. this one sells extremely good, so why shouldn't they?

    REYALS Elite Hunter

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    Joe, you should have just said "refabricated" it because this makes the figure SO much more cooler. Especially with that blood on the leg. WOW!!!
  10. BENSIN

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    how did you paint the body under the net ? This looks incredible!

  11. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

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    I'm curious as well - how did you paint under the netting without ripping it, and what did you use for the quills? That must have been fun gluing them all on one by one...
  12. Ice

    Ice Hunter

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    Very nice job with the paint work man. Just that more life like man. Awesome! That what im missing as well I need quills.
  13. sstb25

    sstb25 Unblooded

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    Nice! Loving the paint job! And the quills just add so much more to it, nice job.

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