Need Help, Control Switch Issue.


Fellow Preds,

While I wait for my lasers to come in the mail, I'm trying to find the right switch to use to control it with. I have noob skills when it comes to soldering and have scanned Radio shack up and down for the right switch that can fit into my pred gloves. Can anyone recommend someone or something that could help me out with this? Google isn't helping me out much surprisingly.

Thanks in advance.


If you want something you can wear in a glove I would go with a tactile switch. They are very small and are perfect for lasers as the laser will only turn on for as long as you keep the switch pressed. They have 4 prongs and you only need to solder 2 of the prongs diagonal from each other (i.e. one negative to the top left prong, the other negative to the bottom right prong). Hope this helps.