Need help finding SILICONE Predator mask!!


Hello all! I’m in the market for a full-size, screen accurate Predator mask (assembled and painted, ready to wear/display). I notice there’s no shortage of them available, but they all seem to be made of latex, and I really need one made of silicone.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks guys!


Hey, amazing! That’s about what im looking for :) I love the elder Predator too.
How much would you be asking for a completed/painted version?


Thanks for the interest. I hope your sitting down haha, but there’s a big reason why people only do Latex just cuz it’s 100 times easier and cheaper, a gallon of ecoflex silicone is 300 bucks Latex is 49. Not too mention a lot harder to paint. I’ll let her go for the same as most complete Latex’s I’ve seen $700 USD
Not come out of the wood works after all these years but there are other examples of silicone masks.
This was my journey...
I still use this mask regularly and could probably post an update of what repairs where needed and lessens learn kind of thing.