Need help with P2 Mandibles please


I'm not sure on how to go about inserting the Mandibles on my P2 Mask.
They're different from P1 and are clumsy looking MF'ers!! :rolleyes:

Can anyone shed some light please?

Thanks clan


I think, with the P2 mandibles, it helps to cut a slightlly smaller hole in the latex and then insert the butts of the mandibles into the mask a centimeter or two. If the hole is snug enough, the mandibles should stay in place for gluing and blending. I would likely use contact cement or super glue to lock them in place.

I'm sure there are a few more ways you can wrangle those mandibles that I have not discovered yet.



Yeah it's just the bottom 2 I'm stuck on, but thanks DD I'll give it a go.
It's looking good so far with my Quills and Dreads attached :rolleyes: