Need some help..


Hey everyone,

I need your help! I'm in the completion of building an alien suit and its came to the point where it needs to be painted.
A good friend of mine Steve Hird will be adding airbrushed highlights onto the suit,but 1st I'll be pianting the suit black. But what materials should I use? Latex mixed with black acrylic?

Is permawet avalible in the UK? How much would I need for this?

Sorry for all the questions lol

But any help is most appriciated!!!



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I used straight latex and got black tint from the paint store and added some distilled water. Perma-wet is hard to find in the UK, you can use clear plasti dip paint to give it a nice sheen. Some other guy from the UK said he was using Marvin medium, not sure what that is. But I guess it the same kinda stuff.from the UK

When building your suit make sure you add a few stitches to some of the high wear areas if your gluing on the parts. (upper arms piece, back arm piece, the middle penis piece, and the front 2 side belly piece) Sliding the chest and back spin on and off can catch or pull these pieces away from or off the suit.