Need to talk serious about a fan movie project

dark hunter

I have recently been discussing with some family members and friends that i might be going to start a project , that would most definitely be my biggest task ever. Before i go on let me first say THIS IS NOT A DEFINITE. Over the last 6 months i have been making small sketches and thinking up what i was calling the "secret project". Now the secret project was a fan movie idea , I am based in the uk so if this does happen it will be filmed in the uk and most if not all who will be helping and on camera will be ukers. So , the idea , well after reading a small ( really small ) fan piece , from that day on it inspired me.
The fan piece was Jason vs Predator.
I wrote up my own small piece.

Camp Crystal Lake had been quite for many months , screams had echoed through the camp for decades. But for some reason nothing had been heard for many months. None except the odd group of thrill seeking teenagers who dared to enter the camp after the numerous stories of the infamous killer " Jason Vorhees ".
The camp wooden sign signaling the path to the lake itself stood as it had for many years waiting for the next set of eyes to direct them to a living nightmare.
The lake was silent with a mist surrounding the entire area only leaving the distant moon in view. The lake seemed almost peaceful although the tales of the Camp Crystal killer would ensure this place could never be again. Jason Vorhees was bullied and tortured by the other children many years ago at the very same camp due to his physical disfigurement and inability to fit in. He was drowned by the other children. Years went on and the story of the child who was murdered was the only thing that really made it famous for the teenagers that stayed there. They would tease and scare each other about it.
Jason's soul could not rest , his body could not lie still in the lake.
Many years past and the lake lay silent ...until , a huge body causing a huge uproar in the water and the mist to suddenly clear. A figure walked from the water with huger strides and into the trees and from that day on the murders would start. The murders that would make a legend. The murders that would create such an icon that everyone , everywhere knew of. Everyone including a certain hunter who wanted certain trophy for his display....

I hope you all like this idea as it has stuck with me from the day i first realized what it could be.
This , unless someone else attempts it before me , will not happen until a few years although i am going to pursue this.
I do have a few questions which i hope some of you guys could help me with.

1. Whats the deal with copyright , I hope to make this in a similar way one of my idols Pete Mander made seed but not with as big of a production team and probably not such awesome suits! . If i made the movie and made a website for it free to the public to download as did pete would fox be on my arse?.

2. Don't get excited because its still an IDEA but does anybody on this site have any acting talent who is either from the uk or could make it down here to be involved in this movie. Its purely for fun and the transport camera equipment and all that other crap is gonna cost me enough so please don't expect to have every sideshow collectible by the end of the year!. :(. Also if anyone has a finished , presumably predator 1 suit who has any interest let me know please.

3. Where can i get my hands on a decent Jason outfit ? .

Ok any feedback is welcome and even any ideas you have , please let me know what you think of the idea and i would love to do this to hopefully give something back to the predator and sci-fi horror fans out there.
Pm's as well as messages are welcome but just please realize it is not a definite. First i want to see what people think , see how things are going , and see how it basically goes all together.
If it does go together though there is one thing i can't not mention , i really do want all us lair guys to write the script but thats for another day so let me know what you think so far. Kind regards , Taylor. :rolleyes:


sounds like a great plan

I'm uk based so I could help out with some stuff like sculpting and I know a few others that would probibly like to get involved.

keep us updated :(

The Creator

Awesome idea!,I really want to help on this project but I live in Canada unfortuantly.I would have really loved to be Jason.

dark hunter

Just realized that i had wrote Pete Pander instead of Mander lol. I apologize Pete!.
I have been sketching up a few more ideas and been thinking if any special effects excluding the transitions and simple edits would be needed.
If so it is likely i would be using adobe premiere. Simple and ofter used for fan movie projects.
Now obviously i would like to start this as soon as i could but my addiction to sideshow and predator goodies has sunk me into the pit of debt so it may be a while before this moves on from the point of an idea to the point of in production.
I'm glad to hear your interested suckface , for some reason I always thought you were from the states?!.
Sculpting skills would be most helpful as the only sculpting i can do is with blobs of children's clay ( and there crap anyway! ).
I want the main scene to take place on the edge of a lake ( camp crystal lake ). Shouldn't be too hard to find a decent spot and it would be filmed in the day and edited to the night ( I've asked about this and apparently its not too hard ).
Freddy vs Jason happened and was, lets say OK , just imagine Jason rising from the water with dramatic music playing with all different angle shots of his huge strides towards the afacing hunter ready to collect his trophy or die.
The thing i'm gonna hate doing is letting one of them die!!!.
No other actors will be included other than Jason and Predator and it will most likely be around the same length as something like Sandys Batman Dead end. I would really appreciate any more comments or feedback. The biggest problem though as i stated before is though sadly at the minute im skint for stuff that isn't completely necessary , lol. Well what can you do ?.
I hope to add a few of the rough ideas i have been sketching up but every time i put something in the damn scanner it does nothing!.
I will figure it out , any more feedback would be nice , now im gonna stop babbling , cya l8a guys.

PS: If you can please add something towards the fund for chris over at the alien legacy website he has recently been hospitalized and could do with all the support possible , see more in the general discussion thread. Thanks


LOL yeah so many big fan film dreams... you might want to concentrate 110% on finances before you get all in to the details of the film. This will cost you a fortune to do unless you do it with action figures and a cheap camera.

Good luck, but you definitely want to figure out where your money is coming from before you get ahead of yourself.



Veteran Hunter
I have to say that the idea of Jason VS Predator does not appeal to me. I would understand Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers, but mixing horror with sci-fi is not an easy thing to do. One of the only movies that has succeeded was Event Horizon. If you haven't seen it, check it out because it mixes sci-fi with horror beautifully.

Predator hunting Jason? It would be over right away. Pop goes Jason's head and then its done. Many fans have speculated that if his head were removed, he would die for good, but alas nothing in horror is ever truly over.

Greyback did a storyboard idea of Hellraiser VS Predator, and it was well done, but I'm not sure if it would make a good movie...

Anywho, I'm just giving my perspective. I'm a Jason fan almost as much as I am a Predator fan, but I would not want to see the two merged into one movie.

If you feel that you have the funds and the support, then go for it.


Veteran Hunter
Agree with Jason ( sorry DH ) dont like these merging of characters, even if it was Predator V anything, just do a plain old Predator imo


/me whispers i think PREDATORHUNTR ( Jason ) was getting nervous about being hunted


Veteran Hunter
oh bw are these HD camcorders anygood for fan films? just curious as im pretty thick about these things.

dark hunter

nope im gonna prove you guys work , i'm gonna show you that this has the ability to be awesome , this will be a few years funding and preparing before any work gets started. I will be attending a few film making courses hopefully this year so I will pick up a few tips there on what type of camera to use , and how to go about filming and maybe meet a few people interested in acting.
If I am gonna do this i'm gonna do it right. I think Jason can fight pred , why the hell not ?.
Its a movie right ?.
Predatrhuntr when you said predator taking his head off , if dutch can kill a pred im sure jason with the strength he has and the unlikeliness of pred getting his head completely off with ease would have one hell of a chance.
I just can't get the picture of it out of my head , honestly i have a plan that will hopefully fulfill. Thanks for the comments and more are obviously welcome.

dark hunter

BTW i thought some of you may be confused , this is most likely not to have a story , this is one for the fans. Its basically about a 7 minute fight scene.
Lee depends on what you use...SOny Hd fx1e is a pretty good cam and I've used the new canon xa h1 camera which is pretty damn good....But my fave was the new panasonic that shoots in a full 24p....These are all pro-sumer cams that are for showing the finished article on tv or in some cases if you can afford the transfer to film, the cinema but you need a distribution deal to do that as it costs a **** load per square foot of film. You can get some good Handheld HD cams now, like the canon hv20 which shoots at 24 p but as with all digital camcorders you lose the depth of field with out adaptors like the mini35 and their like.

I've worked on fan films, my recommendation is the same as Dan look at your budget and then script and plan accordingly...If you're just planning on this going out on the net, my advice would be to go for a standard definition camera...HD is nice and gives you a lot of latitude in camera moves with in frame and post proccessing. But and here's the big but....Every single flaw, in costume, make up and set construction is in high definition...Blending edges on appliances have to be near perfect even when down sampled they can be seen if you're not careful. I'm not shooting this down. But I can assure you this will be a long and expensive journey...One film I helped and am heloing out on is still in production after three years. SO be prepared for the long haul with this if you are serious. As I said I'm not trying to pooh pooh any ideas here I just want you to know what you're going to let your self in for here. Even with a long fight scene you still need some kind of story, ast why the fight is taking place why the characters are where they are and of course the resolution If you need any advice feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll help any way I can.


Veteran Hunter
Sorry about takin topic off topic with hd thing, it just popped in my ead and i was curious

Lets face it Jason moves like constipated turtle dont he? hardly a hard target

BUT having said that goodluck

keep us informed, as im sure well all watch it if you succeed.


who yelling?...LOL

most importaint here is the people you get involved, get funding then get your crew.. then the other stuff will start to come together but....

If I read if correctly you mention about taking a course on fanfilms? if you are going to go this way, I would put all you time and effort into an original films even if its 2 minutes, Something you can call your own., if you are into the whole film making venture..

What you need to remeber is you HAVE to me open-minded and be abule to work with people in regards to the pre production, production and post.. and whoever you get to help You need to trust them to do the job you gave them and Direct them only,,Dont Tell anyone what to do, or that you will prove them differnt...

Theres many sites out there for filmmaking, but before jumping into something that going to take years from your life, you may want to think Hard about what you are investing your time in..

Because in the end its more then just finding money...but it also will take a mental and physical toll on you as well..when A director gets a job for a few million to do a project, it is also in contract to get a doctors check up to see if they can handle the Involvements in what i mentioned brefly above,,Just because this is a low budget project dosent mean it willl change anything,,the stress and excitement is stilll the same regardless.

Ive never mentioned it here before, but myself an a few others people mently broke down on the last day of seed filming because we tried to do too much and where in no way prepared or undertood what was involved and only got about a quarter filmmed and not enough help involved etc..,But having now Done this, its at least something i can offer for you to Not overlook the other issues involved in a fanfilm or any film for that matter.




I think this is a great concept for your film if you hadn't already thought of this, will of cause mean the Predator wearing a bio.
Be like the Predator fighting blind while Jason chops away at him, that is until the Predator removes his bio and opens a can of woop ass.

Take into consideration that the best Jason films where in the 80's so why not base the film then and go for that low budget look style film.

set in the lake district I'm guessing ? be some great places to film Jason or the predator coming out the water

listen to all the advise people are giving you but just go for it.

Remember that it's your project and you can only learn from doing it.

some of the best Horror films where made on very cheap budgets with great end results and you now get remakes with all the new technology that fail to bring anything better than the original

Get a good team around you with the same passion and just go for it, If it turns out bad then you know what needs to be put right the next time.

What I'm trying to say I guess is start small and cheap and build up your knowledge rather than going into something thats bigger and will cost a fortune and possibly not be as good as you would have liked.

Keep the idea going mate


All good points made by the other members. The title to your post contains the word serious, which has implications all its own.
If you've never done this before, you're in for helluva ride. Others have said it, now I'll lend my 2¢, based on my fan film experience.

Serious is the description used to best describe the amount of commitment, time and money this will cost-----if done right.
Serious, the plot line is not.

To spend those kinds of serious resources on a film that appears to be nothing more than a pretense to watch two of your favorite characters beat the hell out of each other seems nuts to me. Unless you're going to open the film with the two of them going at it for the sheer sake of it without a storyline explaining why/how, then go ahead, but don't expect it to be anything more than an exercise in self-gratification.

If you want to create a film with the masses in mind, you have got to create an original story that explains the why and how these two face off against each other. Even the Rocky films had a storyline to them ---not just a simple slug-fest. You will need to scout out various locations, you will need to sketch storyboards, you will need special effects, you will need......

If you short stroke this, you'll be kicking yourself, believe me. Being broke with a half-ass film nobody cares about is not where you want to be - Good luck.