Need Tutorial help


Savage Yautja

Cna anyone post some info on how you go about making a banner or webpage for the Lair? Sure I have Photoshop 6 and GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program) but without knowing how you go from a blank page to some of these banners I have the distinct feeling it would look pretty crappy. Like a bad cut and paste. I've seen so many banners pop up in a short time I feel like I'm standing still. I have ideas I just need to learn how to make them a reality. Thanks


Difficult one. It is a case for something like a banner just to take multiple images, and use masking and layers with various blend modes, until something looks nice.

I'm going to have a knock at a banner image tonight, so I'll see about posting some step-by-steps.

Have a play with some of the tutorials here:

I've been using photoshop for over a decade now, and I still learn new things