Nerf gun modded into Halo sniper rifle

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    Hey guys
    thought id put some info on here :p

    find yourself a low priced Nerf Recon gun. i found mine on amazon for about £25

    find a picture of which halo sniper rile you would prefer i used 2 pictures to make a hybrid sniper rifle. -as shown below-

    next you want to go down to your local hardware store to pick up a few things to make your sniper rifle
    this includes
    1 hollow pipe
    1 pipe that fits down the nerf barrel
    1 think metal rod that is easily bent
    and a few other bits and pieces that could make the scope etc
    ok now onto making it

    first you will want the pipe that fits down the barrel - like so
    you will want to use strong glue like araldite and a instant mega grip glue gun to secure the pipe inside the nerf gun.

    After you have done this you will want to get the hollow pipe, now get a long one so you can decide how long you want your barrel to look. after you have decided you will want to slip the hollow barrel onto the think one. like so
    again you will want to secure this barrel onto the thick rod.

    ok next is the lower part of the rifle. again you will need a think small rod that will fit into the light/laser part of the nerf (i drilled a hole to make it easier and more stable for the rod)
    as you can see i found a little piece from the hardware store that looks similar to the lower part of the rifle

    i did a little work with the think bendable rod so when it was ready i could attach it

    i decided to move onto the painting before making more pieces -note remove the magazine clip before painting- also i modified the stock by cutting out some wood and fitting it in to make the stock more halo like


    i used the Chaos Black spray can that you get for Warhammer 40k
    After that i used the Boltgun metal paint that is also bought for Warhammer 40k models
    using i dry brush method i tried to make the rifle look sort of realistic


    Next i worked on the scope
    im sorry before hand that i barely have any pictures i forgot to take some
    what i did was get some wood and drew out the rough shape of the scope - after cutting it out and sanding it down i made a small frame with little parts of wood to hold it together then decided to use duck tape to fill it out


    after making that i attched it to the rifle with araldite and Green stuff (Warhammer 40k resin)

    as i said earlier the thin bendable metal rod attached

    Next i wanted to make the barrel end
    using the same method as the scope with wood and a small frame but with one different part. i used Green stuff to mold the end to look like the barrel as shown

    after that i attached some pieces to make it look more like a barrel end.

    the sight piece i just took off the nerf gun and the barrel end piece from a hardware store
    now for the painting

    base colour


    now you will want to make a whole to fit the barrel so there no chance of it being knocked off

    and now for the finished product

    sorry for showing my ugly mug XD
    as you may have noticed there is a small hand guard where my hand is. its easy to make just use wood then attach it ;)

    i hope this has been helpful and im very sorry if i made no sense what so ever so i hope the pictures help.

    oh also im sure your wondering "why make a halo sniper rifle when you have no costume" well guys ill answer that with my Halo Hayabusa costume


  2. Akisha

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    Im not into Halo at all.. but Ive gotta say.. JEEBUS thats amazing! You have put a lot of work into that an you should be proud, it looks I dont know what to say.. it looks great :p
  3. Blasturbator

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    excelent work m8
  4. Maaku

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    Thanks guys. really happy you guys like it :p
  5. Brandon

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    :p Well done man!!

    Gotta say when I saw the orginal gun I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but * you did a great job!
  6. Gorgot3000

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    for a nerf gun .. that look like very well job ! :)

    and very impressive Hayabusa costume !
  7. djgs

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    very nice dude
  8. panik33

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    Omg nice one dude I think I saw you at expo in May this year I was of course a predator

    Anyway that's a realy cool idea I might give it a try and wow man ur costume is amazing no chance of a swap is there Lol

    Where did you get te suit or did u build it from the hardware store too lol
  9. Maaku

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    i did see you guys in the predator suits :)

    im glad you like the idea and i hope the guide does help a bit XD im looking for a wolf costume to trade or im gonna sell the hayabusa costume
    i got the hayabusa costume from the guy called Ithica
  10. panik33

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    Ah yeah I've heard of him

    How much are you looking for the suit?
  11. Darkindestod

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    Another perfect example of taking something ordinary and making it * badass. Good on you.
  12. Maaku

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    Thanks for the comments guys, i honestly didnt know how it would turn out when i started but im happy with it
  13. Justin

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    Pretty Effin Sweet!
  14. punhulk

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    wow that is insane how close it looks too the actually pics good job bro
  15. drewscott5

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    very creative dude, you should sand down the nerf emblem and repaint that part
  16. Crazydog500

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    That is sick one major overhaul on that nerf gun. Awesome job bro
  17. panik33

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    hey man i chatted to you earlyer in the year lol but i thought you might like to see what i did with your tutorial mate




    ya see now this proves that anyone can make this so if you want a sniper go for it there also fun as hell to mess about with hehe
  18. NEMES1S

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    Great job on the gun man! Keep it up!
  19. monstermaker

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    Brilliant work, looks really impressive, the suit is great to
  20. aaron1126

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    Damnn that was soo awesome!!! Im not into Halo either but I want to be now lol
  21. Jamie G

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    These guns are amazing great job guys WOW
  22. lordderak

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    awesome work
  23. poopymcbutthole

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    hey what is that green puddy you used to mold around the barrel and give it a smoother rounded effect?
  24. panik33

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    its called green stuff made by citadel the guys who make warhammer

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