New Armorer Here!


Greetings hunters!

My name is Ron (Ronime, That Helmet Guy) and I was told I should come over to The Hunter's Lair. I've been a Predator fan since before I even saw the movies (snuck the graphic novels when I was a little kid) and with a recent commission to do a Predator bio mask, this site is just awesome.

I do some work with 501st and Rebel Legion (My wife is a rebel, and I am Imperial) and costuming is just fun to do. I love making armor and weapos in general, and am expanding to other fun things such as Predator, Halo, Iron Man, etc.

I hope eventually I can make a predator for myself, but for now I hope to become an armorer for all of you! I really hope I can be a good addition to this community, and am looking forward to meeting you all!



Welcome to the Lair Ron, glad to have you on board.  For future reference, anything armor related is posted under Weapons and Armor, so be sure and keep us all updated there!  It's always nice to have more talent when it comes to costuming.  You may also want to pop on over to the "Introduce yourself" thread and make it official  :).  I look forward to seeing you around this crazy place Ron!



Oh oops, my search skills have failed me when I was looking for it. I shall post over there!