New Auto Blade Gauntlet -Finished Video Added 3/17/13


sulaco1967 said:
Jeez Health and Safety gone mad...

I know for a fact that the first time my suit is out in public view the local Police will be on me like a Rash..part of me is looking forward to it...sorry officer it's not a deadly human ivecerating device..its a lump of resin...and the gun thing attached to my shoulder does not realy

Flupping heath and safety...Rips ma knitting as we say in Scotland

Yeah, it seems a little overkill to me, but what are ya gonna do?  Funny thing is, I was told that fiberglass would be fine as lond as it's hollow.  Compared to my flimsy wooden blades, fiberglass would be like switching from steel to titanium lol.  I'll get it worked out.  If I gotta sculpt and cast new blades, so be it.

ThePriest said:
Man that is killer i love it . there is nothing wrong with that .i am thinking about this very same stuff i can't wait to give it a go ! you did an awesome job !
Spats said:
That is awesome, man!
Again, thanks for the kind words.  I made sure to keep it as simple as i could, and think I succeeded there.



Very nice. I'll have to keep this in mind when I'm putting my gauntlet together. Thanks for sharing. If you'll excuse me I have a drawer to sabotage..