New Blood


Hi Everybody,
Just found this site, and joined right-away! I've always thought the Predator species was the greatest concept.(except for the fact that they keep getting beat by humans.(AVP exeption to rule)
This site has a geat wealth of information and Idea's that I can't wait to explore.
I'm into the model kits and figures more, and I'll post some of my kits when I get some new photo's.
I will put my most recent figure that I built into the site though.
I didn't want to buy a Hot Toys figure, so I made my own using a McFarlane 12" Scar, a different body, and some patience.
I am also working on a second figure( a more experienced hunter, rather than an elder) to go with this one.
Hope you like!!




I don't know why, but the first picture with the skinned corpse looks so morbidly awesome. Very nice figure accessory. XD


Now thats some nice work. I wasnt looking to closely when I first opened the thread and thought those were thumnails of wearable suits taken at some convention...Good work!