New builder needing pointers

I bought 2 masks off ebay that are good quality 1:1 size. What is the best foam to put inside to make them hold their shape? What is the best material for the dreds? I already have 2 complete sets of the small quills. What is the best adhesive to secure the quills and dreds to the mask? I tried using superglue on a couple in a inconspicuous spot, but some came off. What is a good substitution for the beads if i cant find any? I was originally thinking small thread spools. I found some gray gap seal material at the hardware store and wasn't sure if that would work for the dreds. Any pointers would be appreciated.


I had allot of success using matress foam that I glued to the inside of the mask for it to keep its shape.
As far as the dreads go, you'll probably want to use smoothon's "flex foam it 8" unless you'd rather go the cheap route and make backer rod dreads.
Wreav sells a pretty large assortment of good quality dread beads.