New cannon 4 u all 2 look at, what do you think????? (NT)



I really hate the way this has all turned out. Sorry if I snapped at anybody, just that I made a point, and wanted to stay on message. The ONLY thing I was pissed abouit was that I wasn't asked to incorporate my cannon into another design. It has nothing to friggin' do with property rights for the last gd time---I KNOW it's based on a licensed item. Actually I'm kind of flattered.

I too am confused, if the cannon in question was never going to be for sale the words "coming your way" certainly conveys the opposite. Animitron's first replies didn't help to clear up the mess. But he did call me after further research, and we did have an amicable, fruitful discussion based on what he knows now. What he has described a couple of posts up the page is what he told me, that a third party unbeknownst to him created it using my cannnon.

Now, we can all take that at face value and accept it, or not. I have chosen to accept the explanation and apology and will move on. In fact, I will be seeking Animitron's services at some point down the road. So, I say Animitron's reputation is OK by me.

In the final analysis, this thread has crossed a new threshold, dealing with the incorporation of other member's stuff into their own creations.
This does pose a question here, why not turn this episode into something unique and different? Why don't we have a little contest whereby certain members exchange castings with each other and see if they can improve, or come up with a totally different thing? (provided permission is sought first hand). Just a thought.

Hopefully some good can come of this thread. Thanks, folks.

Shadow predator

Sorry, couldn't help it... "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony"


I have to add my two cents here. First I am not taking sides but haven't I seen umpteen bio-helmets posted here and people saying they are there sculpts and the build up photos show that the helmet was sculpted over someone elses? I guess as long as people are upfront about what they are doing things should be ok. By the way, Carl your cannon is a very fine piece and the stretched version has it's interesting points. Remember that whole copying and flattery thing.


Wait a minute. i seem to remember not too long ago, that there was a similar debate over a piece of armour that was "modified" and tried to be passed off as his own. then most of these same people jumped in saying it was fine to modify someone elses stuff when it was found out that it was not the poster's. "As long as its for your own personal use" one meber said. I never saw this guy trying to sell the cannon. so whats the difference?


The big difference for me, is that in this case the maker originaly said that this was 100% his sculpt. I thought that it was really cool of Carl to say that If Animatron wanted to modify his cannon, all he had to do was ask. The thread started with some mis-leading statements and then continued down the road to obscurity. All said and done, it seems that things got sorted out, although it was a strange turn of events to read about.


Give it a rest Yautawan....that jacket was used for personal use, and yes, it was my own hard work to get it to fit. I wasted alot of money on an item that could not be used as advertised.....completely different circumstances than this cannon drama.
It has since been given to someone who might be able to use it. I have a new AVP jacket now that is far and away a better fit, and sculpt.


I too have been reading this. I do not post that often anymore because frankly I say things how they are.

Face it guys the Pred stuff was created by someone else.

I see people sculpt over Bios and call it there own.

Same thing with Armour etc.

Makes me laugh.

Create something different and unusual. Then you can call it your own.