New easy to work with plastic material


It sounds like a slightly different version of Friendly Plastic.

It would be interesting to see what it can do.

Thanks, Carl!

It's exactly the same as friendly plastic and is a good substitute for resin for teeth... You can use it for linkages on animatroincs too. Cary has used it and I believe Frosty too. He put me onto a supplier in the UK and I've used it for everything from teeth the underskulls. It's easy to work and you can use it again if you want.

Mortal Immortal

Elite Hunter
Looks like the same stuff and magic -sculpt resin from Silpak. Magic-sculpt can be water smoothed and clean up and in a few hours its a hard resin. I use it instead of Bondo for hole filler and making shapes for molds, do to it being stronger, easier to use, and last longer then Bondo.

It so simple to use take 1:1 mix of puddy and and your on your way.