New experimental technic with a muscle shirt

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Pred Haster, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    Hi guys !
    I decided to improve my muscle shirt. I used the classic Mr. Incredible Tutorial on a muscle shirt Punisher, but I'm not satisfied. Not quite natural, in my opinion.
    So I added some ribs with foam, and this time I redo the right shoulder with foam.
    Instead of latex, I decided to try black polyurethane sealant cartridge I spread and carved with my finger dipped in soap.
    Before the putty dries completely, I engrave the details of the skin.
    I will make more photos prochainnement to explain in detail how I proceed.
    Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Many reflections with flash.
    I still have to remake the left shoulder and biceps with foam and cover with PU the shoulders and back.
    I hope my post will be understandable.
    It is a test because I do not know yet if once worn, it will be sufficiently elastic and comfortable, but I do know that once finished.

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  2. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Looks pretty good, can't wait to see it painted!
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  3. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    Some progress today.
    As promised, here are the explanations of how I proceed:

    Step 1 :
    I directly applied PU sealant to the part where I'm going to work (here right shoulder).
    LHMJQJ.jpg PoXuMw.jpg

    Step 2:
    First, I moistened my finger with liquid soap. I spread and smooth the putty to give the overall shape I want.

    Step 3:
    I let dry for about 20 minutes then I sculpe details of the skin with a special tool to clay.
    mRWM8D.jpg 8MGLzx.jpg

    Here the details of the back (right side), I added latex claws I had in the back because I want to make a Wolf Predator skin.
    63uOO5.jpg J0XQ4z.jpg

    Details of the right shoulder and right bicep (on going)
    matmiB.jpg RLLRgz.jpg

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  4. paitan

    paitan Blooded

    Wow!! This is great!! This might well be the answer I've been looking for!! Can't wait to see the final result
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  5. Maniak

    Maniak Blooded

    Looks good, i wounder how well it will hold up? Does that stuff stay flexible once its fully cured?
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  6. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    For now, the right half is completely dry and seems to stay well flexible. I try not to put a too large thickness precisely for that.
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  7. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    I used basically the same process to finish and add textures to my EVA foam armor. I applied the sealant the same way (by hand) an added some peaks and textures. It bonds the raw foam really good and after almost 2 years and 2 Cons it is still bonded to the foam and flexable. I did try a few products before finding one that worked. I have use this on quite a few products and also use it to coat my backer rod dreads.

    I look forward to hearing your final results on how this works on a full suit especially if it holds and has enough flex to put the suit on and move around.

  8. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    Thank you. I did exactly the same than you with my EVA foam armors for cosplay or LARP since few years. Like you I tried numerous products before finding the PU sealant.
    Now, I try it on my Predator suit. I will post some new pics tonight.
  9. Grim

    Grim Unblooded

    Am I understanding right that sculpting on top of a stretchy cloth bodysuit can be an alternative to casting a latex skin from a mold? Hoping to go this route myself. Question: For heat reduction. Are you avoiding sealing the armpits and lower waist band? Also, is it a single piece body suit or a separate shirt and legging set? Newbie question, my apologies!
  10. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    That is correct Grim. Thin layer sculpting :) Heaps of members here have indeed gone this route, using different materials from latex to your multipurpose caulk adhesive as above! :D

    Don't apologise! :) Again, it varies from member to member, but yes, most of them do. There are single pieces, like the huntress suit Team Wreav makes (if i'm not mistaken), and there are separate ones, each have their own Pros and cons, you just have to decide what works for you!
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    LORD NEMESIS Blooded

    this might finally be what i'm looking for to win the battle against the problems my dreads are giving me
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  12. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    I used a separate shirt and legging. I think it is more confortable for conventions.

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