New Member *please Help*


Hello, everyone my name is TheOutcast im very new here and need some help with using this forum could you guy please help me, like give me some rules and guidlines about bieng here on the lair. I did post a few threads but didnt get any replys but got a lot of views on it, do I have to set somthing so people could post or is it just that im so new. PLEASE HELP thanks.


Just hang out-- READ READ the posts  for what you are interested in, go back to the rules of the Lair and reread them as well. Comment on others posts, not to get a post count, but if you are truly interested. Give it some time and show off your work. Everyone is willing to give assistance in their area of expertise.
Good things come to those who wait.
Welcome to the maddness.


Don't worry about not getting any replys on things you post. Some people avoid short posts like "good work man" or "thats awesome" as it looks like they are trying to get their post count up. Also i agree with Eaglewood. Read and read. If you have any questions try searching using as many different terms as possible and if you still can't find it then ask.


Welcome to the lair!  The members guidelines can be found here   There's a link at the bottom of the post to the community guidelines that explain in a little more detail the rules followed by the hunters lair.  The marketplace guidelines can be found here, along with lists of who offers/sells what.  There's a wealth of info available here, and the best place to start is by checking out the pinned posts in the 'how to build a predator costume" sub forum.  When I first signed up I was a little intimidated to post, so I spent hours and hours searching for the info I was looking for.  This payed off well for me because of all the information I gained that I didn't even think about needing to know.  Most here are happy to help, but learning to use the search function can and will save you time in the long run.  Having to wait for responses when you're in a pinch sucks (been there too many times myself).  Giles did make a good point about the 2-3 word replies.  I don't see it happening as much lately, but there have been times when members (for whatever reason) have tried to boost their post count  by posting "good job" as the only comment in multiple threads.  Around here (and most other forums I belong to) it's called 'post whoring', and is frowned upon.  I'm not saying a 'good job' or 'looks great' comment once in a while are bad, but most try and add a little more to their reply to show support, or offer tips/advice.  Don't be afraid to jump right in and get involved.  Lot's of good people here that are more than happy to help out.