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Ive just joined here so Forgive me if Ive posted in the wrong area Im sure after being on a bit longer Ill find my way around on the boards
My Names Dave Im Based In Middlesbrough North East Uk !
Can some one tell me where I can buy my first costume Is there anywhere within the uk ?

I look forward to chatting you you guys this site looks well cool
Welcome to the lair Dave, I don't know much about buying a full suit but, you can buy parts and pieces of suits out of the shopping section of the lair, and put one together your self. I'm usre the vets. will chime in give more information.



Welcome Dave! I'd suggest you start with Monsterroom. He's a very nice guy and carries great product. Hope your stay here is a pleaseant one.


Welcome to the lair Dave, hope you find all the info you need there are some great guys and gals here.