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  1. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    Welcome to the lair, Please drop in and introduce yourselves or if you want to lurk it's cool too.

    I wanted to bring together anyone who has an interest or is in the process of developing a predator suit.


    Andrew Marzan, just your average pred fantatic.
    I got 2 wonderful kids and a sweet understanding wife who puts up with my obsession(s)

    when i created the hunters lair, the resources and components were hard to come by. It took a long process of sourcing out different components, electronics, skins etc. etc.

    The purpose of this board:
    I wanted to create a creative neutral ground to share ideas no matter what your interpretation of the character is.

    so here it is, finally a place to drop in and see what folks are "working" on. enjoy the process it's a wild trip


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  2. kre8tive

    kre8tive Guest


    I was just thinking about?? what if there was a forum just for the prdeators...I looked and looked on the net, but nothing but kids forums..

    I know very little when i comes to computers and such..I looked to start something like this but It was all like chinnese writing im glad this board was started and some else thought of the same thing!!

    I guess the Ancient ones are going to meet up to do some HUNTING!!!!!

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  3. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    hey pete

    thanks I agree i couldn't find anythign related to this great movie monster. there are a few forums for the pred but those are just for the gamers.

    the format is rough but i'll be tweaking it in the next few days to make it look more in "theme"

  4. batfanatic30

    batfanatic30 Guest

    Great job Kit I am glad to see this board. I will visit often and try to put thgether the perfect Pred. suit. Thanks Bro.

  5. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    very cool jerry. thanxs

    look forward to seeing your suit in progress,

    I'm really interested in the stories related to how the suit are put together as well, i know it's pieced from here and there

    only rule if i like it it's mine kidding of course

  6. Hey, thanks for starting this up, Andrew...

    We've been needing this for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing what develops on this board.
  7. RoboMatt

    RoboMatt Guest

    I have a feeling this board will be loaded with content within a few short weeks.Thanks for starting it Andrew.
  8. Jangomontes

    Jangomontes Guest

    This is a great idea. Finally a place just for us. Now i need to get up some pics of my new Bio-Helmet coming soon!

    -Jango Steve
  9. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    thank you all for comming. i hope we get this board full info for people to use as a well of knowledge to dip into.
  10. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    I'm here! Thanks for the invite, "other Andrew". This will become one of my regular boards to use from this day on.
  11. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    mr fett i've been waiting a long time to see your suit in progress, bring it on
  12. Greetings my fellow hunters! Glad we finally got a place to share hunting tips and trophies!

    Kit, thanks for the invite! Love it!

    Stay safe.

  13. Andrew,

    Roger that and thanks! I really appreciate the heads up!

    When you can, LMK about the Bio Helm.

    Stay safe bubby.

  14. MiSTRFiNGA

    MiSTRFiNGA Guest

    Yes, I am glad to see a nice Predator site up and running. If anyone needs any refs pics, I have several up on my site under Predator, of course Here are some WiP pics so far, it looks diffrent, and the armor is "hung" properlly, as this was me putting it on real fast, and using a timer on the camera.
  15. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    nice pix mr. Nice to see another WAM predator.

    i gotta ask if you will be "sectioning" off the armor. I

    have the same WAM armor and i found it difficult to move well in it so i cut the armor where it levels and just used a little velcro and grommets to make it flexible.

    Will you be weathering the armor as well?
  16. supa troop

    supa troop Guest

    Well done Andy
    another great place for us visiting from the UK

  17. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    It's all good from across the pond mate!!! Welcome. I know your working on a helmet right now as am i.

    i'll be doing a step by step tutorial on how i do mine, I was thinking of redoing the "lost predator" from the end of the second film but i gotta get some ref pics up

    knock yourself out and start your own thread on how you finish yours. the more ideas in the pot the better....

  18. supa troop

    supa troop Guest

    ive just got your PM, and also missed you in the Chat room still there if want a chat.

  19. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    Pete those are just awesome pieces your making there. very nice indeed.

    I think we should start a seperate thread just for everyones seperate predator works. this way eveyone can have almost like there showcase in side the lair.

    what does everyone think???
  20. kre8tive

    kre8tive Guest

    ya..kinda like the halloween mask association! they have a collectors section..same idea..Im all for it.. just easer to keep track of the resourses ..Like a gallery,

    Im sure you have lots of pics Ive never seen!! therse just all over the place!
  21. Hi Andrew, and everyone else too.
    I just popped in to take a peak and I must say that I am humbled by everyones awesome Predator outfits! I haven't gotten into doing one myself yet as I have so many half-finished projects going, but I can do the Predator clicky noise really good! LOL!
  22. Thanks for the heads-up Andrew and hello everybody!

    While not having anything predator-related to show off just yet, that's about to change .
    Really impressed by the awesome outfits you guys have, keep up the good work!


    "Speed was the only truly new vice invented in the 20th century"
  23. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    P welcome don't worry about not having anything to show off. that will soon change i promise

  24. STEVE0671

    STEVE0671 Guest

    Hi There Guys.Looking Great!, Nice pics

    Wow a Predator forum....... ACE! I think it's a top idea Some of you guys might know me from hanging around the RPB, RPF and UK Garrison Boards (The Guy with the Robocop suit) .
    I started the prop life about 18 months ago with Robocop and the interest has just gone out of control as I'm now getting a Storm trooper FX kit in two weeks and I've started an ANH Vader too but I have to say I've always wanted to get my hands on a decent Predator suit if only the head for display!

    I'm in the UK and have always had a huge interest in the SCI-FI film industry and I'm really looking forward to AVP next year, spent most of my time since leaving Art college as an Airbrush artist Illustrating for magazines and now I've moved into working as an Artist in the Games industry for EA Games.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of your Predator stuff everyone!

  25. TK669

    TK669 Guest

    just signing in to say hi!

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