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  1. Orbweaver77

    Orbweaver77 Unblooded

    So this is my first time in a forum of any kind ... Yay me!!! Just popping in to say Hi and there will be a new Machiko around. Not sure What I will be able to contribute for anyone ... unless its sewing... I got you on sewing lol .... Happy hunting!!!! il_570xN.663362736_44pq.jpg
  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Unblooded

    Hi!! :)
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  3. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Welcome to the Hunt Orbweaver77!
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  4. City90pet

    City90pet Hunter

    Very pretty mask....#hot
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  5. Gary

    Gary Unblooded

    I'm a newbie and would like to say hello!! Please feel free to share your knowledge with me as I'm in UK and have been searching for ever for a full predator costume and sadly it's my 43rd birthday Sunday and fear I'm getting to old and fat to fit in one!! So hi and help if you can. :)
  6. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Blooded

    Happy birthday and happy hunting! :p
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  7. OldPredVA

    OldPredVA Blooded

    Welcome to both Orbweaver77 and to Gary! Happy hunting in 2016.
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  8. Orbweaver77

    Orbweaver77 Unblooded

    Machiko wig that I made ... I love my skull beads 20160111_193721.jpg 20160111_193807.jpg 20160111_193940.jpg



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  9. City90pet

    City90pet Hunter

    This is too much! Absolutely stunning! Wolf is going to loose his mind...
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  10. Jimmy

    Jimmy Unblooded

    That's my sweetheart right there! Just wait until we get more of the costume together! :)
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  11. Orbweaver77

    Orbweaver77 Unblooded

    Thank you ... I hope it works well when I get my helmet that i posted.. which is coming in a few weeks
  12. PredaBEAST

    PredaBEAST Unblooded

    Hi i dont think i have ever posted in this spot before. Ive been a member for about 2 and a half years now. My account was missing for about 6 months at one point and suddenly was back later on when i logged in again. I have made 2 suits for myself a wolf and a brother boar with actually doubling up a skin with new armor and head for a 3rd which is a falconer. I have also put other pieces together to have suits for others to suit up with me. I really love suiting up at cons and collecting other parts for more suits. I am working on making a p1 type of suit right now too. Im still unblooded cuz i guess im not on here enough. I never really understood how to move up in ranking.



  13. OldPredVA

    OldPredVA Blooded

    Well PredaBEAST it's nice to meet you. :)
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  14. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Hello and greetings from New Zealand! :) Isubomo here, 35 and dad to 2 cheeky monkeys ;P

    Ever since I saw the original Predator on Betamax (was only 6 when it came out on the big screen), it has been and still is, my favourite character in all of geekdom by far! I registered back at the old hunter's lair, but it has been so long I couldn't even remember anything from that time. I love making costumes, though not as good as you guys :) I've made my predator costume before, back when I was in college (sometime in '99) and well, it wasn't too flash, but not too shabby I reckon, for something a college art student on a shoestring budget could do. ;P I'll try to find (good luck to me!) a scanned pic of it, hehe, but I do remember getting an old bike helmet, and using papier mache to 'sculpt' the head, using mop hairs wrapped in black electrical tape for the dreads. Absolutely fun times.

    I promised myself, sometime later in my life, If I get the chance, I would do another one, but much more flash and 'authentic'. I guess this is the 'later' in my life and these past few weeks, I've just been soaking up ideas and information and deciding what I'll do. (I've started some concepts, but it will center around the culture I grew up with along with my ethnicity, like my bio helmet as my avatar on the left :)

    I'll post more developments when I gather all of these ideas in my head, but for now, just really happy to be part of this community, you guys are all great!!! Cheers and warmest regards all!
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  15. parkypred

    parkypred Hunter

    Welcome Isubomo. I hope you find this place as much fun as I do. Good luck with your creations. Hope to see your efforts soon...
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  16. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Thanks for the warm welcome Parky! :) Cheers!
  17. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Blooded

    Hello and welcome to the hunt! As a student myself I completely understand the lack of budget, it's slightly annoying to be honest but hey ho :p Looking forward to see your designs!
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  18. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Hi I'm Wreav
    This is a picture of me. If you don't know how I look. lol

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  19. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Looking flash there Wreav ;)
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  20. predator89

    predator89 Unblooded

    just saying hi havent been on in a long time been working on my suit and trying to find a avp back and cannon
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  21. kimchanatizado

    kimchanatizado Unblooded

  22. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Hello Kimchan! Welcome! :)
  23. kimchanatizado

    kimchanatizado Unblooded

    hello andrew
    Im Richan from philippines

    i want to make a fullbody predator suit ..
  24. kimchanatizado

    kimchanatizado Unblooded

    hi isubomo
  25. kimchanatizado

    kimchanatizado Unblooded

    looking for predator openteeth helmet fullface

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