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  1. smmade2

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    Hi there. I am Sirena. I signed up not too long ago. I have been a Predator fan and an Alien fan since I was a little girl. I am working on my first Predator costume. My bf inspired me to start on this project. He is taking me to my first "nerd" convention in August. I hope this costume turns out alright. What I would like to do is build a base and then over time keeping adding improvements to it. Wish me luck! This site is pretty awesome! I didn't know there was a group of people that loved Predator like I do.
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  2. Spikepredatorv

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    Hello and welcome to the predatorium. Hope you enjoy yourself here
  3. MAULER666

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    Heya, newbie to the site by Preds in the blood from a little kid. I can't believe the level of skill and craftmanship I've seen in the last couple of days I've been on here but really looking forward to learning some new skills ie making armour and such and also meeting some Predatory people...but the good one's lol Kia ora from New Zealand \m/
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  4. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Kia Ora Mauler666 ;)

    Glad to have you on here, always good to get more Kiwi Preds.. ;D

    And welcome Sirena! Hope you 2 have a wonderful time here. Cheers!
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  5. MAULER666

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    You know us Maori Preds been doing this sorta thing for a long time eh LOL Cheers for the welcome.
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  6. Isubomo

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    LOL We gots the warrior blood in us bro! :D
  7. MAULER666

    MAULER666 Unblooded

    Perhaps one day we'll do a harvest together, TAU KE!
  8. Nightdweller

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    Hey there, nice to meet you guys... I've been mostly just observing the amazing build threads of the people on here, now I decided to sign up. I am currently working on something rather "un-predatory", a gryphon, but after seeing all of the amazing techniques you guys have developed, I feel like I could build a pred for my husband in the near future. This page is really encouraging and so full of great ideas and inspiration. Thank you for existing :)

    Greetings from Switzerland
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  9. Isubomo

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    Greetings Kheira!

    Warmest welcome to you and your husband! If a gryphon is what you wish to 'build', then by all means, build! :D All we wish is for you to share your work here with us! :D Looking forward to it! Cheers!
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  10. Nightdweller

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    Thank you, Isubomo!

    I will gladly gather the pictures I have of my work and post them on the Off-Topic forum :)

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  11. DaPropMaker

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    Hey y'all :) I'm Michael, and I'm a prop addict. I stumbled upon this forum by accident as I was looking through RPF. I'm building multiple costumes for the 501st Legion (Boba Fett, Sandtrooper and Republic Commando-Sev), so at least I've got my feet wet with this costuming stuff. I joined on here because I've seen what a community can do to help someone build an awesome suit, and I hope to get that here. The Predators (and Xenomorphs) have been my favorite movie monsters my entire life. I was hooked at the tender age of 8, when I first saw Alien...then my world changed when Predator came out. Here was a true hunter. He was methodical, patient, ruthless, exacting...just amazing. I went to my first Con a couple years ago (yes, I'm 43 and a little late to the show), and met a husband and wife predator part of their costume, was a Jar Jar Binks head on their staff lol. When I found this board, I decided that I'm going to add one more costume to my WIP. I'm retired Army, and have a lot of time on my hands. Its tough some days to get much done due to my injuries, but its worth it when you finish an awesome project. I operate a small, one man operation called Hellish Designs. I am a landscape photographer, quadcopter 'pilot', and I've got a 3D printer for prototyping. TBH, I sit around most to of the day modeling and printing props lol. Finally my wife has become used to me doing a show and tell with my latest sword, rifle, or mask, on a weekly basis. Her responses are "Neat" "thats nice hunny" or "another one?". Anyway, glad to meet all of you, and I hope to learn everything I can from y'all. Here's some examples of my latest props:

    IMG_4482.JPG IMG_4483.JPG IMG_4484.JPG IMG_4486.JPG IMG_4485.JPG





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  12. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Hello Michael! And on behalf of all the other hunters on here, let me be the first to say, Welcome!!!

    Those are awesome props bro! Hope you'll have a great time on here!!! Looking forward to some more amazing things from you!!!
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  13. DaPropMaker

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    Thank you! I hope to contribute as much as I can.
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  14. Tribalwings

    Tribalwings Unblooded

    Hi guys, im Jon,

    I've been wanting to make a pred suit for ages and looking around on-line you guys make some epic stuff!

    I mostly paint Fantasy/40k mini's and the only sculpting experience i have is with "green-stuff" and i like painting, im currently doing a marvel mural in my sons room (chucked a couple photos on of a figure or 2 and the wall)

    20130330_215207.jpg 20130410_121916.jpg 20130412_091158.jpg 20130413_093258.jpg 20130418_082215.jpg 20130418_193853.jpg
    20130901_150411.jpg 20130901_183031_Richtone(HDR).jpg 20130903_171656_Richtone(HDR).jpg 20130903_201123.jpg 20130924_134718.jpg 20130924_163857.jpg 20130924_201935.jpg

    i've seen a few things so far to help me on my way pretty sure ill start with my mask ive seen some really helpful stuff on here already thankfully my old man is a Ornate Plasterer so ive got easy access to alot of silicone,latex,plaster and workshop space and the man knows a few things about casting and mould's which should make life easier for me.

    Cant wait to start thanks for having me :)













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  15. Jmen

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  16. Rasputin

    Rasputin Unblooded

    looks Awesome andrew. hey im dan and im new here, was just wondering if anyone could help ?
    What magnets should i use to hold a bio mask to my predator mask head thanks so much
  17. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Welcome Jon(Tribalwings)! and Dan(Rasputin)!

    Jon, looking forward to more of your stuff, I reckon when you start painting details on your suit and show it on here, it will be mind blowing!

    Andrew, look at this thread, or just search for bio magnets on the search bar for more ;)

    Cheers and hope you'll have a grand time here fellas!
  18. Rasputin

    Rasputin Unblooded

    Awesome thanks so much ..
  19. Arubianking

    Arubianking Unblooded

    Greetings everyone! I am a huge geek out of D.C. and I was looking to follow my passion and start into foam armor building. I love it.. I hope to meet some wonderful people and share some great ideas and build some awesome predator stuff and more. Look forward to working with all. Thanks.

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  20. Red

    Red Unblooded

    Since it'd be rude not to..I Guess i'll introduce myself?
    I'm Stoya/Red, i'm from Germany, ballet/bellydance are my passions next to Gaming and well..the whole Predator shabang and i just recently got into this wonderful mess thanks to friends. Basically i'd love to delve deeper into the Concepts behind the Yautja as a whole. . This isn't supposed to get too long so i'll stop it here.
    Anyways, happy to be here.
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  21. Isubomo

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    On behalf of everyone here, welcome, Tee(Arubian) and Stoya(Red)! Hope you find this place to your liking and hope you share anything (especially Yautja) with us! Cheers!
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  22. KingJamie

    KingJamie Blooded

    Oh crap I totally forgot to check in. Ok, so, well my name is Jamie and I'm both new here and old here. Was really involved in the hobby, lifestyle, culture, etc., ten to fifteen years ago when the Hunter's Lair was a rockin' and rollin' at which time I, um, took a break for a while (y). How's that guys?

    Well I'm back now and I thought I might be kinda cool to roll up my sleeves, get my hands a little dirty, and post a few videos of the process for the newer generation to learn from a guy who's been out of practice for a while what NOT to

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  23. TravisMcGee

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    hay every one i'm here for prop and costumes not just for predator things if this is okay
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  24. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Welcome) Take your seats))) :lol:
  25. Wil

    Wil Unblooded

    Hiya guys new here, looking forward to finishing my Predator armour. :)
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