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  1. GrumpyYautja

    GrumpyYautja Unblooded

    Hello, everyone! I'm GrumpyYautja, formerly MRXDX2 on Hunter's Lair. I'm mostly a figure collector, but I've returned to gather reference so I can repaint my Neca Jungle Hunters!
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  2. Lee27

    Lee27 Unblooded

    Hi all.

    Greetings from Luton, UK.

    Long time Predator fan here, and over the past few months I've loved watching them again. Time to start a little collection and I'll soon be starting my first mask build.

    Can't wait to see what you guys do. It looks amazing here. I'm a member on the RPF as I'm into Star Wars as well, and recently built a trooper, han carbonate and a real sterling blaster conversion.

    Hope to chat soon

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  3. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Welcome all of new members! Have a good hunt :)
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  4. maladjusted

    maladjusted Unblooded

    New here... but been browsing a loooong time. Mid-way through my first ever predator build.
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  5. JohnnyChaos

    JohnnyChaos Unblooded

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a Stormtrooper in the UKG and am starting to buy/build a p1 pred.
    The head i've ordered should be finished this week. Full face, no bio.
    In the mean time I've started reading the guides on here with a view to maybe trying to buid some of it my self.
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  6. Oskie

    Oskie Unblooded

    Hello everyone,

    I’m completely new to the forum and the costume build of my own. Been a long time predator fan and Always wanted to make one but never had the sources to know where to start, and we all began somewhere, so here I am lol. Looking forward to this journey and the honor of becoming a hunter.
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  7. Scar

    Scar Unblooded

    Welcome guys! :)
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  8. taggraphx

    taggraphx Unblooded

    Hi every one, im from Australia, and have just about finished my suit, and would like to thank Vinman for all his templates, without them my job would have been soooo much harder, 22883261_709447845907637_967417587_n.jpg
  9. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    taggraphx good job my friend.... it is pretty clean and well made .... now you need to make another one with your imagination :D I mean with positive criticism .... I know that A LOT of people here on predatorium and around the globe wish to make a Predator costume so fast..... the thing is that we need patience. THe question is : Details, the finish and weathering, also are you willing to spend MANY hours on sculpting and molding your pieces to create a unique kind of costume. Yours is pretty cool indeed, but it looks like regular predators. No offense dear friend! I just want to help people out...... :D
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  10. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    taggraphx but yes LOL sorry WELCOME my friend to a whole new universe of creating the most fierce WARRIOR of the galaxy (y)
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  11. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Welcome, guys! Have a fun! (y)
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  12. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

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  13. taggraphx

    taggraphx Unblooded

    Thank you for the welcome guys, now I am currently working on my wife's suit, we do have to be carful with the design of these suits as it gets hot here in summer and we want to be able to wear them all year round, currently looking at fan designs for the masks too, even on a 20c day it got quite hot in there
  14. NeoChi

    NeoChi Unblooded

    Hello, I am Carlos, originally from PR, now living in Texas. I am a huge Predator Fan. Finally finished with the help of my BFF my first Predator costume after about 1 year working on free time and about $500 spent. Made basically out of spandex to be more comfortable and everything else made of cardboard and foam armor to be lighter. My BFF made 85% of everything; made the armor, dreads, painted by hand the skin of the Predator on the muscle shirt, leggins, and boots; she also gave the shading to all the armor. I painted the armor, and made the spear out of 3 different sizes of PVC that fit into one another. Spear closed is about 2.5 feet and when opened is about 6.5 feet. The only thing that is heavy is the head because the dreads were made with 3/4 inch rope; about 30 feet of rope total, lol. Already used it for the first time about 3 weeks ago in the Alamo City ComiCon in San Antonio and the response and reaction of the public was tremendous. Everyone loved it more than I really expected.

    I am happy to be here and looking forward to meet everyone. Il'l post some pics from the AC ComiCon. Thank you.

    23023449_1963065944018614_915703996_n.jpg 23023720_1963065204018688_1528541066_n.jpg 23113779_1963065210685354_514783749_n.jpg
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  15. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    NeoChi well, welcome my friend.... this is pretty good for a first costume compadre ..... :D
  16. NeoChi

    NeoChi Unblooded

    Gracias, brother! Appreciate it. Will be using it again today in the Wizard World ComiCon here in Austin.
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  17. PredARTor

    PredARTor Unblooded

    Hello everyone. Check out my own costume
    5 months and 400 dollars spent on this one and i'm still making adjustements since i got sweaty inside that swimsuit.

    Super Power effects_1509486391649.png
  18. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    PredARTor hehhehe that is cute ...i love the little FX you did for the plasma cannon BLAST! :D
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  19. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Hello and welcome NeoChi and PredARTor ! Both excellent additions to this community!!! :D
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  20. alexanders5700

    alexanders5700 Unblooded

    Hello everyone from Montreal!

    Been a huge fan like everyone else here, and finally got enough cash and serious luck to pick up a used P1 on Kijiji (like a Canadian Craigslist).
    It's gonna need some work, so I'm planning on learning a lot about touch-ups, fit, and getting it convention ready!
    I'll post some pics soon of what I have already!


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  21. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Greetings to all of new members! Start your hunt and have a fun!
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  22. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Welcome to the jungle Alex! :D Happy hunting! :D
  23. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    alexanders5700 hello Alex welcome in! :D i am from Montreal as well :D..... tu parle le français dude?
  24. Wweyland

    Wweyland Unblooded


    I am an Alien and Predator fan from Estonia. Been a fan for more than 18 years.
    I also created an AvP themed website, although it's a bit more Alien sided for now. That will change!
    Alien vs. Predator Central


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