Hello everyone im a bitt new here so i suppose i shall introduce myself
Im Glenn and ive been into sci fi from a very young age ( watching monster movies etc ) the main reason why i came to this forum is because i really want to make my own predator suit from scratch my design will be the wolf predator from avp requiem my plan is to make the entire suit from upholstery foam since im on a budget hopefully i get to know more people here who love the predator series as much as i do ! kind regards glenn .


Lordmiaou Hey Bienvenue... Oui c'est assez long et difficile mais c'est FAISABLE un costume de Prédateur! badblood89 Hey Welcome Glenn ...hope you enjoy your stay with us and find many ideas! Yautjaleader Hey really love your costumes my friend! Those are awesome especially the Jack Cooper one... (y)


Greetings everyone. Little late in re-introducing myself here. I was a fairly active member years ago on the hunter's lair platform and went by the handle Kspred, as I live in Kansas. My name is Steve. I have built many predator and star wars related costumes over the years, but due to family reasons I got out of costuming some time ago to focus on raising my now 4 kids. They are all a bit older now, the youngest being 6, and so I find myself having some time that I can yet again delve into one of my passions. Glad to see there's still a community keeping the predator love alive!


Hello from Scotland's north Highlands!
I write this on a phone keyboard so apologies for the almost inevitable typos.

I first saw Predator 2 as a small boy (surreptitiously of course) and it fascinated me - the urban jungle, the 'bling' and strange accents of the gangsters, the tribal aesthetic paint and swagger of the City Hunter. All very alien a day's drive north of a big town!

The City Hunter isendless interesting, an almost paradoxical combination of savagery and pride and dignity, so alien in morality but at times our minds touch.

Very good if you to have me especially as I lack both the resources and appearance to try costuming (short, plump, stooping, pronounced limp) but I greatly admire the incredibly high standard - I will focus to start with on ephemera and an HT Lost Tribe while greatly admiring and following projects bases on the two classic Predator films.
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