New P1 On The Way - FINISHED.

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by predatoj, Jan 3, 2015.

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    So I finished the sculpt, pleased with it, I went for more dynamic texturing which I guess has given him an elder-ish look, I wanted a more comic book feel to him rather than just 'screen accurate'. I am going to be faithfull with the paint job though (providing I don't lose it to a botch mould) . I've temporarily re-attatched the lower manidibles for the pics. I'm dreading the mould process, wish me luck. DSCF5133.JPG DSCF5134.JPG DSCF5145.JPG DSCF5147.JPG DSCF5148.JPG DSCF5151.JPG DSCF5153.JPG DSCF5154.JPG DSCF5156.JPG DSCF5157.JPG DSCF5159.JPG

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  3. KmikzeKen

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    LOVE it! That came out awesome, nicely done!
  4. pred666pain666

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    class sculpt man

    BATIMAN Blooded

    Beautiful brother, love this sculpt :)


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    Well guys looks like I've fallen at the last hurdle, my fucking mould is stuck shut! Been trying all day to crack it open. Not sure what's gone wrong, I put petroluem jelly on the flange, worked perfect for my mandible moulds. I'm thinking I maybe didn't put enough on. I'm desperatley pissed off. Don't really know what to say. I'll open it one way or another put chances are good I'll destroy the seam line I don't think it will crack because it's huge and about 2 inches thick all over, I used all 25kg of plaster. I'll report back when I get it apart but it's not looking good :mad:

  7. LunaticNic

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    that sucks ... guess I'm not the only one who is having problems with molds ... hope you get it apart without breaking the seam line ... Awesome sculpt!
  8. predatoj

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    Well I got it apart with sheer brute force - a credit to Crystacal R, a weaker plaster would have broke apart, my arms are fucked. I've got some repairs to do, Backwards sculpting etc. Not sure why it was so difficult to get apart, the flange was still greasy, I'm thinking it was just suction. on a good note all the detail came out lovely and I've no major bubbles, there's a few hair line surface fractures, not sure why, any other damage is down to the violent de-moulding. Gonna have to spend a few hours on it with milliput. Otherwise I'm one very relieved hunter.
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    Ok So I got the mould cleaned out. Unfortunatley the seam is ruined. I'm not sure how this has happened I'm thinking the mould wall failed during the first beauty coats. What you can see in the picture is torch light bleeding through the seam with the mould firmly closed. I'm really dissapointed. It's only affected around the top of the crown so I think I'll get a mask/bust from it but I'm going to have to do a lot of repair work. judging by the gap I'll have humungus flash and 'step' on the outer edge of the crown that I'll have to fill.

    It comes down to the fact that I'm just not experienced enough with plaster moulds. In hindsight I should have done my P2 half mask first. One thing I won't do again is use fence walling in the back of the head I'll lay the sculpt down and build up a mould wall. I think this how it failed, also another mistake I made was using terracotta for the wall instead of WED clay, Paid a heavy price for scimping.

    Anyway I got latex on the way so I'll reort back with a test pull. DSC_0152[1].JPG
  10. predatoj

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    yea really frustrating. I can sculpt I can paint I just can't fucking mould!
  11. predatoj

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    Sooo, I finally managed to get a decent pull on the 3rd attempt, it needs some work. The seam at the back along the crown is pretty bad but I can patch it with gel latex and cabopatch. A few bubbles here and there, I forgot to soak the mold before pouring latex which would have reduced bubbles but otherwise I'm happy with the detail and shape. I don't think I'll ever get a 100% perfect cast.





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  12. predatoj

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    I don't think it's possible to truly re-capture the original sculpt with the crappy nature of liquid latex. It's shrinkage prevents it. I wish I'd done a resin bust instead as I never intended to wear it as a mask anyway so it was pointless doing it in latex. I should have done a silicone mould and a resin cast - would have been perfect.
  13. predatoj

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    So here he is back in latex form I'm about as happy with it as can be. You can see at the back were I lost the seam but gel latex and cabopatch will fix that. Little bit of patching here and there but.... The shape is the main thing. I can't wait to paint it.





  14. lasnakes

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    The seams don't look as bad as a I thought. However I would mix some latex thickener(just a bit) with latex in a little tub about 100 ml until you get the consistancey of yoghurt and paint over the seam with a fine brush. Then let it dry and reapply until you have a smoother surface
  15. predatoj

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    I cabo patched it but I'm not satisfied with the results. So I figured I'd resculpt and recast the Crown an glue it down as an appliance.
  16. predatoj

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    Finally started painting wip.







  17. Jmen

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    Great! (y)
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  18. LunaticNic

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    Awesome work so far man! Good Idea to use the neck ring for tests as well :D
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  19. Jmen

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    hmmm... and now i see it. (y)
    i need to remember it:D
  20. KingJamie

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    First of all what a truly remarkable sculpt! Though the undercuts are deep the areas of concern are large enough that you shouldn't have any problem engineering the mold to release in two parts.
  21. predatoj

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    Oh man don't go there! I had a nightmare with I'm lucky to have salvaged one good bust from it. I had to resculpt the Crown so that now is a separate appliance that I glue over the top of the damaged one. Other than that it came out fine.
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  22. KingJamie

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    Crap, sorry, I didn't see the page where you explained your mold. OMG, of course it jammed and cracked to hell! A fiberglass jacket would have been the way to go instead of plaster.
  23. Nightdweller

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    Wow man. So sorry for the trouble you had. That is one very very beautiful bust you sculpted right there! Your paint Job looks awesome as well. I think you can be proud of yourself! It looks gorgeous in spite of all the trouble. I took some screengrabs of your sculpt as anatomy reference :)
    I hope you will still feel proud when it's finished. I'm glad that you didn't give up!
  24. KingJamie

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    What a phenomenal paint job! Im really impressed by your use of contrast in both your choice of color and visual texture. Excellent result for having problems with the mold. You managed to get that clam shell open while I would have seriously thought about taking a hammer to

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