New Pred Body Suit creation


Hi Everyone (or anyone who wants to follow and help)

Ive just started the LONG road ..... to create my own Pred full costume and over the comming weeks/months I am going to leave you all some photos & videos to show my journey (and cock ups!)

So... here it all begins with me creating a duct tape dummy of myself to act as a basis for a former that im going to cast in rigid foam and later sculpt onto.

I know I could have gotten hold of a muscle suit, but as I'd like to be able to cast more that one suit, Its gotta be done properly.

Fairly self explanatory as you can see (its a speeded up vid) it took a while to do and I needed help, I also decided to wear 2 layers of additional clothing to allow for the plaster mould & latex shrinkage.

Video 1 - Duct Tape Dummy process (speeded up version) Video 2 - Duct Tape Dummy Filling (Speeded up version

I am now, 50% way through plater moulding the dummy, so a video will follow on that.

Wish me luck


Looking Very Good. I Will be watching with intrest on this one
Also YAY a other UK pred!!
Thanks I'm looking forward to getting out some events .... Just want to make my own ideal suit.

Anyhow here's another quick video, a few hours later...Mould Prep. ....... Much later after getting everything ready started the LONG process of plaster moulding the first half (supports to be added later) 18 rolls of plaster - for anyone interested Plaster Application

As you can see I'm super cautious with stuff, plaster dust can do you lungs serious damage !! You'll see masks alot as I can speak from experience, if you can smell anything while wearing a mask, it's filters are done and your inhaling poison.

Bit serious I know, but when the plasters done we get to start playing with 2 part foams



I'm 6ft 2ish (the ish is important !) and I weigh 16 stone & we used 4 large rolls of duct tape.

I also wore 2 thin layers of clothing (I cut the wrist & ankle seams off.... Should have done collar as well) I wore these to allow for mould & latex shrinkage.

I wanted a good strong duct tape dummy so first went over clothing with 2 rolls of cling film to get smooth surface and also strengthen dummy, the we added tape.

The important bit is get help AND surgical scissors to get out of the thing