New Pred Costume Plans.( MORE TO COME LATER!)


Hello fellow geeks... My name is Feedrosie and I am a totall noob on these forums ( I've lurked for a while but never posted)
Well... For about 4 years I've wanted to make a Pred suit and I'm just now finally deciding I have what it takes. I am absolutely in love with this site because I have finally found many others who share my geeky passion. At the bottom you'll find a concept sketch of my armor (to be mainly constructed from Fun Foam) and then a picture of an aboandoned Bio-Helmet I did 3 years ago ( I plan on resculpting because it too small to fit an average person's head properly.) I'd love to hear some feedback...
Love the planned out drawing you did it lookss really cool, almost like a mix between P1,P2, and AVP armor styles. The Bio looks like its off to a great start and will be waiting for new pics.



Keep us up to date on your progress. It should look pretty danged cool in 3-D!!!

Your bio sculpt is looking very interesting so far!!



Looks like you've got everything all hooked up in that drawing!
thats a good idea,because you can't forget a thing!killer bro.
Also the bio's looking good so far as well,show more later.

Have fun bring your predator to life...still working on mine too!