New resource for Hunter Bodysuits

I think that'll make a great way to start suits. Price aint too bad considering what you could pay for a non-sculpted / non-painted suit, but it looks a bit better than the Mr. I suit in my opinion.

Maybe someone here will get their hands on one soon & we'll know for sure.
Scroll up to post 31. :D


Nice skin man,

thats awesome. but I guess paint it with latex would be the wrong direction or?

Here u have a breathable suit but after paint it with latex its non-breathable. so what to do?

I think the pros have to check out the colors and the material for the skin to see if theres a good pred skin look made from these.

Keep us up to date man. Ive just send you (Brandon) email bec of the size.

if u start a prototype keep us up to date!

The Dead Pool looks killer man....


i have one of these suit here is the link with a usurper wolf mask i got a zipper on the back to get in and out of and one in the crotch for the bathroom breaks i do have to say you do sweat into it but the material wicks it away. recommended that you do go into the suit with only underwear on. great work with it though brandon

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