I've had a couple inquiries as to whether I'd molded the lower leg sculpt yet... No, but probably today as I wanted to finish this sculpt and mold them both. Here's the pauldron sculpt... Pretty much done with the exception of a couple clean ups I didn't notice until looking at the pix. I sculpted the bicep armor in with the pauldron... Just less pieces to put on. Let me know what you think. I'll try to have a cast done by the end of the weekend of both this and the leg sculpt and will put up pix as soon as I have pulls...

I resized pix and added a couple more angles.


I really dig that look and actually designed my Bicep Armor similar to your Pauldron design.
Great new look, awesome sculpt and design.
Awesome :p


While I'm not a big fan of stippling, I like the original design. Nice.
You're a stipple, in the real world it's called texturing . Great looking piece, Now take the time to get those those edges nice and sharp and this will increase your sculpting abillities. It's the gentle touch that makes a fantastic piece. :p

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Looks like your on your way to having your own custom suit of armor. Keep up the great work and follow your dreams. The shoulder armor looks like a winner to me.


Now take the time to get those those edges nice and sharp and this will increase your sculpting abillities. It's the gentle touch that makes a fantastic piece. :p
Yeah, I worked on this 'til after 5 AM this morning... didn't realize how much clean up I had to do until I started looking at it with fresh eyes after some sleep... It's amazing how much you miss when you focus on something so closely for that many hours. It's all cleaned up and as sharp as I can get it now... Just hit it with a coat of Crystal Clear and will be ready to pour the mold shortly...
Excellent stuff Scott, get those skills ready for the AVP2 suit/armor! You have come along way this past year, now one of the top sculptors making pred stuff.


Yeah !!! I agree awesome sculpt guy love the detail you put into it. Can't wait to see it pulled and painted!! :p



Thanks everyone! It's a good feeling to work so hard on something and have so many people like it. I pulled it out of the mold this morning and at first inspection, it looks like the mold turned out great, so I should get nice quality pulls. I need to pick up some more latex tomorrow, so I should have a finished pull posted up by Saturday night of Sunday.

As for the design, I pretty much patterned it after the big photo on the pg. 51 of the ADI book (also did the lower leg armor sculpt based off of that photo). If anyone is doing an AVP-style suit, I highly recommend that book for the reference photos (a great book in general, but I particularly like the reference photos). I, of course, did more texturing on mine as I prefer that hammered, forged look over the smooth look. (I guess Carl would say that I'm a "stippler" for detail :p ). I don't think they actually used that pauldron design for the movie, but I liked it so I kinda did a hybrid between that one and the one they actually used, which was a little more rounded.

I won't be seperating the bicep from the pauldron. I sculpted it in such a way that it won't be possible without looking terrible. I basically did this to limit the number of pieces I have to put on. I like simplicity and practicality and with an AVP suit, there are already a ton of pieces to put on. I did the lower leg sculpt the same way, by sculpting the anlket as part of the shin armor. In that case I added a cut line for anyone with shorter legs than mine, so they should fit pretty much anyone... I think... I'll be molding that hopefully over the weekend, so I'll have a little better idea of how well the fit should be.

I've had a few people ask whether I'll be doing the chest armor and back pack as well... Those will probably be my winter projects. I really need to get a nice mannaquin before I can start those pieces. I have a pair of Ruffs gaunts on the way, and will be picking up a set of his chest armor and backpack, hopefully in the next few weeks. My next project is sculpting some hands. I've already picked up the alganate, so hopefully will do the lifecast next week and start the sculpts in the next couple weeks. I have fairly large hands, and plan on sculpting them even a little bigger to accomodate for the latex shrinkage, so they should fit most people. After that, I need to get my wife's new Alien costume started. Really, not much work there, as I already have most of the molds from last year. Just need to re-tool a couple of the sculpts and get the tail happening. Anyway, sorry to ramble... I've just been deep into sculpt mode for the past 3 weeks and haven't talked much to any of you. Thanks for all the positive feedback and look for more pix soon!
Scott that is some awesome work, your skills are most impressive, come to think of it I like your sculpt better than the original AVP shoulder pauldrons, yours have more detail. Keep up the good work.