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New to the hunt and proud to be a new member. Been browsing this site and the many many forums for any tips, tricks and how to's. I am looking to make a costume head-to-toe along with armor, just looking for advice on what path to take. Any and all advice will be appreciated.

thar'n-da s'yin'tekai


Welcome to the Lair. :D

There are many ways to climb a mountain, and there are many ways to get a Pred suit. It really depends on your budget and the amount of time and effort you can commit. If you're a craft-type person, there are lots of us here who have done some really great work on low-budget builds using all sorts of scrounged and begged materials. If you have deep pockets, there are people here who sell complete suits that look professionally made (indeed some of us Lair members ARE professional prop/costume makers).

My advice? Just focus on one piece at a time, and break the whole big project into a series of little projects. And ask lots of questions---all of us here are happy to help. :)


Thanks for the welcome! Budget, nothing too outrageous but at the sametime nothing that looks cheap. Craft skills are there, if I have the time and dedication if I rush without a set plan...well lets just say crap is not a term that would descirbe it. I've gotten pretty much an idea on how to do the body as well as hands and feet, thanks to MacGuyver's post (kudos to you). The major obstical that I think I'll run into, is the head-piece. But I know with time and above all patience I'll be able to pull it off.

I have one question, right now that I have not yet seen touched on, or haven't found, but what modeling clay would work better for easy shaping? I know of the red brick kind that is hard as heck to shape, and I recall a puddy type of clay. I'm sure I'll have more questions once I tacke this endeavour.


you are living there by my son--he lives in FT worth!! cool! Let us know how we can help. So some site surfing, reading and watching the videos and such. it will come together.


I've been told that chavant nsp medium is a good clay to work with, but I'm no expert. Welcome to the lair!