new viking clanner

I finished the new clanner's paintjob today. It's got a nice copper finish (minus the funny green **** you all add - havent figured out howto do that yet, would be killer), and a few minor detail changes compared to his captain's head dress of choice. The head plate has a smaller angle to the face part for instance (actually prefer that) and the carving on the snout (bad cast :-D). I especially dig the claw marks.

Supposed to be a present to my older brother, who's almost as much of a Predator nutjob as I am. Find it increasingly hard to give it away now though...
In the pics, I haven't found the right lighting yet that does the copper finish justice. I comes over as a bit dark and dull where in fact in glitters slightly, just as it should be

the clan

the captain

I'm still thinking about adding a kickass minor detail. The celtic pattern on the silver bio really sets this thing off for me.
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The Captain is my favorite. It looks like a relic. Nice job on the weathering. I really like the Celtic pattern but you might consider doing the pattern in a faded black. You did such a nice job distressing the rest of the bio, that the blue looks too new... like someone found an antique and painted a fresh pattern over it. Actually, even the blue would look pretty cool if it were faded out just a bit to match the aged look of the bio. Just a thought, but overall, I like it.
thanks for the input. the pattern was supposed to be like a facial tattoo. I found that the rich blue contrasted very nicely with the other colors, and I'm sure that such a a blue was available in the old days. If you consider the thing a dug out relic, though, you're absolutely right, then the colors should be more faded.

I'm not so sure anymore I like the silver horns on the companion. I may go back to full copper. Judging from reactions (or lack thereof), I seem to be the only one who thinks it's decent... :p