New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by NeXXt, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Hello, folks! That's my first prop in AvP universe — movie mask of Wolf (bio). Started to design in 3D from planar mesh. Right now it's on unfolding stage.

    1st stage. Preliminary forms (symmetric halfs) and wrong proportions.

    2nd stage. A bit closer to movie model has better shapes but not so good.

    3rd stage. Almost done.
    Added horns and laser targeting module for correct appearance.

    Exported as .3ds and ready to unfold in PD.


    Sorry for my English :) (i'm from Russia).
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  2. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Thanks for the file
    The bio is awesome
  3. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Do us a detailed backpack....... Lol just saying ;D
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  4. DMTDeadpool

    DMTDeadpool Blooded

    Ooo I so want to make this with pep!
  5. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    I unfolded and printed the mask on A3 paper (200g/m2) and complete it.


    Work in process


    And now the final result (horns and laser module i'll make a bit later).
    View attachment rotating_matrix.gif

    Compared with previous probe (game model):


    made007, thank you!
    DMTDeadpool, i'll post PEP-file after re-unfold the final version (now the head part is too long)
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  6. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    My first test formed with urethane resin (Protocast 85R). Paper matrix was grinded off with sandpaper and dremel.


    Added irregularities on whole outer surface with dremel and spherical grinding stone.


    Now I'm working with renewed 3D model (got back to the start).
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  7. Xenothis

    Xenothis Blooded

    How did you do that. I want to do this, it would make it so easier for me to make a cast.
  8. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Lookin good loving the detail.
  9. afedorniak

    afedorniak Blooded

    well done!!
  10. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    I used paper model as a casting form for urethane resin (Protocast 85R): step by step a small parts of resin (around 40-60g) fill into paper model. But better way is in using of epoxy resin for impregnation of paper model and using urethane resin for making main layer thickness.
  11. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Work with signs, cracks, dents (dremel + conical, cylindric metal milling cutters). Added horns (epoxy clay).


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  12. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Updated (redone) and re-unfolded 3D model (corrected face angle and eyes, simplified mesh and corrected separation).

    Second version awaits impregnation with resin.
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  13. Darth Will

    Darth Will Unblooded

    WOW!  Impressive.
  14. panzer

    panzer Unblooded

    Do you have the file for the pdo?,Its really impressive.
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  15. alphatech686

    alphatech686 Hunter

    Very cool stuff. I don't know which is harder this or sculpting in clay.
  16. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

  17. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    Digging it from start to finish,  that is totally badass.
  18. The Sculptor

    The Sculptor Unblooded

    I must say that you are very talented beyond belief bro. I have been trying to download the files though and i just keep getting execution files that want to install into my computer. arent these supposed to be pdo files? If i can get the pdo files from you that would be awesome. maybe by email? files should be small enough to send that way ;)
  19. The Sculptor

    The Sculptor Unblooded

    Alls cool about the files. it seems that to get the actual files free without 4shared trying to install their programs is to register with them to get the no bs files. lol I cant wait to start cutting. i also wanted to ask why you would glue the tabs on the outside of the mask? is it because you are covering the outside and it gives the inside a cleaner look? 
  20. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    No problem, let's try to attach it here (I use 4shared and it needn't use some of external soft in free mode).
    Yes, external tabs gives less problems with grinding off the paper surface.

    Work in progress.

    Attached Files:

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  21. J Sauto

    J Sauto Young Blood

    That sir, is a magnificently impressive bio! Great Job!
  22. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    J Sauto, thank you!

    Now it's time to sculpt details and fix some errors. Poxipol, Milliput and some other epoxy stuff (Smooh-On FreeForm AIR for sculpting on inner side).
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  23. The Sculptor

    The Sculptor Unblooded

    Thanks bro i finally got the small and large files. Now i jusy have to print them out and start gluing them. For your glue do what do you use? I use regular white school glue
  24. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    I use PVA too. I prefer to glue the aquarel paper (200 g/m2) with constructional PVA (took half liter in shop).
  25. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

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