New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by NeXXt, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    This is my job. All made of paper and cardboard. Stained with Tamiya paints.
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  2. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    Created from the paper model from NeXXt of the first page of this topic.
  3. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Looks great, as the real plastic, not the paper! Will there painted scars or cracks?

    As to my work: put the light in paint box (LED tapes 12V) special for big models like mask or helmet. Painted copper elements inside and outside of the mask. Then will be shading and lighting (black, dark brown, ochre), dry brushing and covering with gloss varnish.

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  4. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    To NeXXt: Amazing work. Splendor. The mask is nothing I will not do. It's for a friend from work. Exactly as requested.
  5. Splendit work on this wolf-bio!
    It's a pleasure to watch your bio-making-process.
    Any thought about  -using another color?
                                   - painting the glyphs with a fluoresce-paint, so they glow in the dark?
                                   - adding tri-lasers?

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  6. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Thank you, i'm trying to do the process informative and interesting.
    Maybe i'll do some color variations on other casts: 1. more black matte and rust, 2. more green varnish and gloss, 3. light silver base. But I'll try to cover first model as in movie. Luminescent runes (do you mean glowing in dark not as fluorescent in UV?) looks like green predator's blood. I saw versions with red, black or silver runes.

    Maybe put red LEDs instead of lasers.

    First shading step.

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  7. Dropthehammer

    Dropthehammer Unblooded

    Wow. Just. Wow. I'm blown away my friend.
  8. FinnPD

    FinnPD Unblooded

    Yea, this is amazing. I need to get my hands on these Cad models. Preferably in . STP of STL format.
  9. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    How much can I buy this mask?
  10. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    I can't make public the price yet — almost 1,2 liter pure ONYX used in my first test mask. It's too much. Next time i'll use microsphere as filler and a bit reduce the charge of plastic. Now i'm awaiting for next purchase order of ONYX and SC305. And the mold for small details isn't ready yet.
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  11. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    To NeXXt: Thank you for the information.
  12. lethalshot

    lethalshot Blooded

    Absolutely incredible work from start to finish. Thanks for the great write up and sharing your talent with us all, awesome!!
  13. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    Inspired NeXXt. The first steps of Resin.
  14. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    Inspired NeXXt. The first steps of Resin.
  15. paya72

    paya72 Unblooded

    To NeXXt: Do you have plans to produce more bio helmet in PDO format Pepakura?
  16. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Even more agressive than mine. Excellent!
    I thought about 3D-modelling based on sculptures and concept arts (like this or this) but later. Time to work with other molds.
  17. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Done small details (master model left, Protocast 85R in middle, SmoothCast ONYX right)
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  18. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Started to cover the inner side. Copper metallic and place small elements (tubes, springs, bridges). Then there'll be shading with aerograph + weathering.

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  19. J Sauto

    J Sauto Young Blood

    Well I am rather blown away from all the intricate details and hard work put on this piece. 
  20. Jersey predator

    Jersey predator Unblooded

    It's a great job on the bio helmet!! Congrats for so amazing work!
  21. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Thank you!
    New step: shading, washes and drybrushing on the inner side.
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  22. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Wild fella. Me likey
  23. paya72

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  24. NeXXt

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  25. gogo

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    Hiya NeXXt - Awesome work!

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