New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by NeXXt, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Arthur Chants

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    Thanks buddy . I dont have pepakura as it doesnt work on mac. Cheers for the files
  2. Arthur Chants

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    i use Mac so pepakura is unavailable. also the pdf is great but has no guide ie: numbered tabs etc
  3. ksj

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    What file are you wanting in PDF?
  4. NeXXt

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    Not at all. But it works. Look at this screenshot.
    You can use freeware Wine (macOS - WineHQ Wiki) and run Pepakura through it. I use it when works on Mac (but don't recommend you swich on hardware rendering in Options).

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  5. NeXXt

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    So that's PDF with edge ID's.

    Attached Files:

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  6. SuperBerserker

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    Beautiful work! Face is the most detailed and well done of all that I have seen in the forum. A question. How did you make these interior paraphernalia? Can you list the materials and step by step?
  7. Wreav

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    NeXXt any progress on Predator related projects? :)
  8. SuperBerserker

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    I want to do the same with my Berserker and Classic.

  9. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    Thank you! I used some photos from official ADI artbook to complete overview. (by the way most of this elements on real Wolf props taken from Panzer Tiger IV and other scale models — wheels, pipes, armor plates etc.). I haven't this models so cut details one by one from sheets of PVC and glue it together. I used 1-mm, 2-mm and 3-mm sheets of ePVC. Then fixed it all on inner surface on epoxy plasticine. That's all.
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  10. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    No at this moment. Wolf bust and wall plate for mask is awaiting but so-o long.
  11. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    But the jungle hunter (classic) inner side looks not like this as far as i saw.




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  12. NeXXt

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    + couple other photos.


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  13. SamMacZee

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  14. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Unblooded

    Wow! Had I never seen this inside? I thought it was just the Elder's that had an interior! NeXXt these interiors are custom or all sideshow masks and licensed products have interiors? I do not mind doing the same interior for different masks. It's because I did it the same way, see:




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  15. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Unblooded

    The inside of mine is raw! I just made an adaptation to use on the face. But I still do upgrades. But I want to leave the interior realistic.
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  16. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Unblooded

    Here I used for the visor, sunglasses and EVA padded and put a screen on top to strengthen and soften the look.
  17. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Unblooded

    To attach to the face, I inserted loops, these same backpack. And I put elastics to stay adjustable.
  18. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Unblooded

    It was really good! It is rare to find the original items, the same ones used in movies. In my case, I am replacing the ePVC with 3.5mm paper, a kind of cardboard. And this circle, in the center, I intend to put the cases for the lithium batteries, to connect and turn on the led lights.
  19. NeXXt

    NeXXt Blooded

    As far as i know Steve Vang (Stan Winston studio, Amalgamated Dynamics) did this version special for classic Jungle Hunter mask. Elder interrior also done only for AvP:R stuff. I've never seen detailed inner side on Sideshow predator props.

    I did this mask just as the wall trophy not for a wearing. There'll be problems if you want to wear it — our head has different form and size and I'm afraid mask's elements will scrab in your skin and pin to face. EVA plates looks not better on face imho, only elastic (latex, silicone) hunter head can fit this mask.

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