New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)


Amazing work. As OldPredVA said, words can not do it justice. That's beyond movie quality. I wish I had half of your skills.


Venandipredator you get Face huger ranks by destroying Aliens :p (Joke) no seriously we get higher ranks by posting messages (of course it needs to be helpful messages and kind words) on the forums. Everything that helps our community will get you a higher rank my friend....we gain TROPHIES and with those trophies we get higher ranks.


Do you sell them?
Yes, when I have ready painted biomask. At this moment I sold only 2 masks (still too lazy, I guess). Besides other projects took a lot of time.
And also,how do you get huger ranks on the community
I didn't know about rank till you asked me. Maybe cause I made and post here free pepakura templates (Boar, Wolf) and post some WIP and useful info.
Thank you, admin!
I prefer to convert to PDF too. I printed it on A3 paper sheets (420 x 297mm).
As far as I know, in this process the scale of the model still the same as in PDO file. So you can use any paper formats as you want. All you need is recombine elements on sheets for economy.

Can you send me the pdf files please???
No problem, take it. But look at the paper format (A3/A4) and size (big/small).
PS: Also you can do the PDF yourself right from Pepakura Viewer (freeware PDO viewer): File → Print to PDF
Thanks buddy . I dont have pepakura as it doesnt work on mac. Cheers for the files