I can just imagine the game. "Oh no The Predators lost the game, butter run out of the stadium quick before the thermo nuke goes off.."

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DUde i am in !! i played linebacker for my highschool and i still play ball with friends, let me know if open spot for outside linebacker!! XD i now support that team, epicness..................=O we should all go in pred suits to one of their games!!!!! lawl that would be super epic haha
If only I lived in New York I would support them and dress up for the games.
I never played Football even though I worked out like a mad man even during my 30 minute school lunch period and then again after school for 2 more hours. I was afraid I would have gotten hurt and lost a scholarship to some University I see it all the time with other players and it sucks.

maybe we can sponsor them...

i've seen everything now
I would like to see them hold our banner beside their banner too. Most definitely man!!!

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I already posted it on page 1 above their Football Helmet, but it is ok to post it again it case someone missed it the first time.

contacting them now!...sounds like they need a mascot
The suit would have to be the equivalent of yours or any other master builder, so that the other players on the field can do this .
I wonder if there is any members that live in that area that would be willing to apply for the position? God knows I would jump on that if I could :lol:

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Through a company called Outstanding Images Inc.
Now you can buy the logo and wear it proudly to show some support for the team that selected the Predator as a "Mascot"

Designed to be a jacket back. Allowing you to sew this on a garment that you already have.
Comes in gray, black, and white felt background.
Size: Approximate 7-1/4" wide x 9-3/4" tall

New Predator Logo on Felt-----$35.00 + $3.00 shipping

The next size up from that is this
Size: Approximate 9-1/2" x 9-1/2"
New Predator Logo Full Jacket Back-----$40.00
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Just as a note I will be buying mine here next week and adding it to my Hunter's Lair Hoodie from Don along with my other Predator patches that I have.
Would be awesome to ask if we could make a part of the promo video for them, of course with
1. a good solid script.
2. a few members of the hunters lair.

Of course the team is first, but I know how important the enviroment is. An idea is maybe a part of the inside of a predatorship where the shoot is? Re emerging preds....
we got a game and are in the (pred)ZONE.


Has anyone actually tried to contact them to see if they were open to an association with the Lair? I would be willing to do so, with the Staffs permission of course. Let me know.