Newbie Introducing myself

Hi guys, just wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I tried contacting a few members for info and they did not reply. I guess they think I am a undercover agent or something. I have been a member over at the RPF for years. I am a big Arnie fan, Predator and T2. I would love to build a 7ft tall Predator to display beside the lifesize Battle damaged Arnie I am working on. Streetjudge did the awsome airbrushing on my T2. I live in West Palm Beach Florida and spend most of my time with the wife and kids playing Soccer and Golf. I wish you guys had a section that showed members that make or specialize in parts of the Predator, for example. Gopher builds Celtic Bios, Bernie does P1 Muscle suits. I am trying to read my way through this forum and making notes of what member makes what, and belive me its time consuming, this is a freakin huge site, nice place you guys got here anyway.



Welcome to the hunt! :)

I've had trouble searching for specific things too from time to time, but whenever in doubt, just ask & u will get pointed in the right direction!


Yeah! Welcome. Stick around, wade through the masses of info and how to's and you'll be on your way, up to your eyeballs in clay, latex and resin and generally making a mess like the rest of us do.

Have Fun :)